Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Vulnerability

Today I felt as though the thoughts were like rushing waters after the dam has burst. I reflect on the day and how I question the vulnerability of my body as I went into surgery. I thought about what cancer has been in my life since my initial diagnosis in 2010 and who I am because of this disease. Not only did I go through a double mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation, I also went through divorce and recovery from addiction as I went through treatment for cancer all at the same time.

The surgeon thinks the tumors that were removed are scar tissue and that I do not have to worry about cancer for now <sigh>. The thoughts trickle into streams of relief as well as sadness for what cancer has brought into my life. Is the greater good to show others how to take the fear of such a diagnosis and turn it into a love that can heal from the inside-out?

“Then the day will come to you when you will find, your thoughts have healed you inside.  You will then be able to feel the source that lies within your mind.  This source will bring you the sun that will shine inside.  How do you show the spirits how this makes you feel?  This source you hold as a secret will force you to decide.  Do you seek for more and learn what it can do?  All the spirits watch to see what you will do.” –Love by Lisa Hynes

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