Wednesday, August 20, 2014

To Make the Moment New

Today there is a stillness in the air all around me. I remind myself that the spirit lies between my thoughts and emotions and I see a see-saw in my mind. How do I balance the thoughts and feelings that make me question why I am here at this moment? Which way do I go today in my mind? I go back to the times when I didn’t believe in anything except what I could see in front of me. The lack of my awareness at those times in my life resulted in my missing so much that glows and sparkles all around me.

I consciously know that I have to train my thoughts to not go back to the times when I had no belief in Something Greater or in myself for that matter. I grasp for the connection to my higher power and remind myself that my purpose here lies in an unseen world. I can choose to sit in the thoughts of turmoil about “what if?” and look at all the horrible events that have occurred and are occurring in our world or I can seek for peace inside myself as I look towards how to take this moment and make it something new.

How do I make the day feel new when I feel so worn and beaten down? The gratitude in what I have today brings me a feeling of love. The feeling of love makes all seem new. I breathe in the air and know that the promises of what Something Greater is doing in my life lies inside the part of me that takes my thoughts and emotions and balances them on the scale of life. This is the part of me that takes my actions and brings me gifts that are promised because of my thoughts that have turned into actions. My faith in those promises will bring me the courage to seek for more because of this faith. The promises will become the gifts that have been spoken of throughout history. My faith in this process will heal me from the inside-out as I prepare for surgery on Tuesday.

For those of us who choose to travel the path with Something Greater, we will hear the voice inside verify that what we see around us is a result of what we think it is and we will have the choice to acknowledge that it is from Something Greater and that these gifts and messages are there for the awakening on our path to Something Greater.” The Gifts by Lisa Hynes



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