Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Horse of Serenity

Today I fight with my thoughts and it is taking great effort to look inside myself for meaning. It is like a battle in my mind with all my fears at the forefront trying to conquer what little serenity I have. It is as if a force is trying to break my faith that is dark and full of anger. As I muster up the thoughts of who I am because of my faith, slowly the serenity comes into view. It gallops out into the sun where my faith lies and it holds the sword of honesty and the shield of hope and faith as it battles with the darkness that lies inside of me.

The sword of honesty cuts through the anger that I hold because of my past and because of my up-coming surgery. It shows me the greater good of this thing called life. The serenity gallops onward like the grace of a horse that rides away after the battle has been won. I stand in the middle of the battlefield looking in awe at what this horse of serenity is doing for me. The sword of honesty cuts through all the pain and anguish that now lies at my feet. The shield of hope and faith is now in my hand shining proudly for all to see.

The darkness curls up in the corner of my mind waiting for the opportunity to seep into my soul and take the spark of life I have found to turn it into a storm that rages inside of me. I look towards the God of my understanding who promises to give me the wisdom to know what I can change and the courage to carry those thoughts for change out into action. As long as I remind myself that all I do is for my Creator, the protection surrounds me to do just that for today only.

I see this horse of serenity galloping around me all in white and the rider is an extension of my God that forms into an image that I can understand. The rider is the spirit of God that leads me into a place within my thoughts that sparkles with all the faith that I can find today.

As I stand in the middle of the battlefield, all the regrets and all the thoughts of not being worthy enough lie around this field reflecting back to me as the parts that are dying and have no life left inside of me. I breathe in the air and stand with my hands outstretched towards the sky. The spirit swirls around me in the wind and as I breathe, the horse of serenity becomes a part of me.

This graceful white horse of serenity gallops around me to ensure that all my dying regrets and thoughts of worthlessness that lie on the battlefield in my mind do not affect this feeling of peace that now consumes me.

The rider on the horse of serenity holds the sword of honesty that cuts through any thoughts that try to touch the peace that I have found. As I stand with my arms outstretched to the sky with the shield of hope and faith that shine in the sunlight of my path, I know that this part of me can never be taken away by anyone because my God promises me that I am never alone even in my thoughts.

With good intensions as you seek for love, the pain of yesterday turns into strength and courage for today.  There will come a day when you will understand how all this pain brought you to a level within your mind that you no longer need to suffer with your thoughts.”—The Shield of Love by Lisa Hynes



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