Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The New Story Begins

Today the story is about me. I woke up in the moment of not thinking about the word cancer.  I thanked God for yet another day and remembered my up-coming surgery. As I searched my mind for answers to find peace in my then anxiety-ridden thoughts, I recalled that I am right where I am supposed to be. Acceptance of this thought gave me a calming-effect. I looked towards the sun to see the beginning of a new day. My belief in what I am doing in this body got me out of the bed so I could push forward to create a world of peace around me if only for the day.

The thought that I help others find peace through my experiences helped me forget my own inner struggles. I look for the world that is outside of my every day view to give me purpose as I see much suffering all around me. I look towards the creation of the moment and the magnitude of my presence. As I pondered on this thought, I began to feel a presence all around me that gave me strength to look for something more.

The day was filled with magic as I saw experience after experience that reflected my faith in a day that had a purpose. People brought me messages on my journey through the day and as I pushed aside the fear of this up-coming surgery, I created my heaven for the moment.

The extensions of the God of my understanding did not show up as a lightning bolt. The language of my God came to me through the dragon fly that flew in front of my windshield on my way to work. God came to me in the form of the baby that I saw in the elevator sleeping with not a care in the world. God came to me in the conversation with the stranger that complimented my hair.

Today I found myself in an area of the hospital that I never venture into at the oddest moment and met a woman that I had never seen before. She prayed with me and we both stated that we did not know why we were there at that particular time. I told her what the grace of God meant to me as she said that she was writing about grace in a paper. I don’t remember why she was writing about grace but I told her to read my story called “The Beginning” in my blog if she wanted a story about what the grace of God did for me. I went away from that experience thinking she was there for me yet wondered if I gave her something in return as well.

I was very aware today that all is made from the spirit into physical form and today I experienced it in people.

You will see the spirit world that brings the rays of the sunshine.  It will start as a feeling and turn into a thought and the window of desperation will open to this world.  The moment will become a connection as you take the knowledge of who you are and blend it with the air.  You will one day grasp the understanding that the path to Something Greater is found in your conscious level of existence that you connect to in an unseen world.”  The Making of the Moment by Lisa Hynes

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