Saturday, May 16, 2020

The Dark Forces

The dark forces are moving through the thoughts and emotions for control like never before. They are trying to obtain your individuality so you will become afraid to express your freewill. This is a war for the very soul. This is a war for the essence of what you are made from. The dark forces do not want you to have inspirations for your own creativity. They want to feed on your fears to obtain every ounce of life you hold. They do not want you to awaken to the truth of your capabilities. They do not want you to awaken to who you really are.

There is a plan that has been written about since your beginning. The Creator of All knows what is going to happen as you sit in the middle of the darkness. Some feel hopeless and have already given up in this war. All worlds are watching and are here to assist in this plan. Your role is to focus on the bigger plan, know you are not alone and keep the faith that everything is going to turn into love through this bigger plan. There is nothing to fear with your God in charge. There is nothing to fear when knowing everything is an illusion other than love.

Your role is to keep vibrating at a loving state. Some days it may feel as though you cannot take another day in this chaos. Do not let the fear overtake you. Focus on the space where you sit and feel the breath move in and out of the body. Close your eyes and feel the presence of the spirit that embraces the body like a blanket.

You are bringing the spirit into human form. You know this when you breathe in and close the eyes. As you feel the changes inside, the shift will begin to physically form in your world. It will feel as though you are bigger than the body and that the body can explode as the awareness begins to slowly seep forward into the forefront of your consciousness.

This timeline is like no other as it becomes ridged with the intent to form into the physical aspects that come from the spiritual realms. The density of this energy source oozes into the space where your body is formed through the light of consciousness. This knowing comes from the Creator of All. The body opens to this information through the chakras. Each opening brings forth its own flavor of information that flows into, through and then out of the body for interpretation. It is like a fountain where the awareness forms into matter and recycles for further creation. All the knowledge gained intertwines within the mind, the body, the soul, and the spirit. The strength of the connection to the over soul will determine the purity of the knowledge gained. 

The dark forces intercept this pure knowledge that some call the Holy Spirit to distort the information. You may think that what you receive has been provided from the Creator of All. The dark forces bring forth the energies for cleansing. They utilize the frequencies to rise their own level of darkness in attempts to not dissipate. (To be continued)


Ashley said...

This is exactly what is happening right now! The world is going through turmoil in these times and is inspires fear. We are experiencing something in the soul and spirit that is new, but do not fear, with knowledge comes power. We are all spiritual warriors in this war. With the darkness comes light, we just have to be open to receiving it! This is a great way of understanding what we are experiencing inside.

In the Mind of Something Greater said...

Ashley the more we share our thoughts on these topics, the more we can learn. The darkness is needed so we can see the light and there is nothing to fear! Once we look towards this war with curiosity everything changes. Keep giving us your feedback please. We all need to hear your thoughts!