Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The Dark Forces (continued)

The unknown realms that are seeping into this dimension have been here since your beginning. They have been hidden yet seen through their projections into people, places, and things. They seek to stay alive through your soul’s light. The essence of what you are made from is what they need to sustain their own lives. Their energies are extremely low, and they are reaching for any tactic possible to stay alive.

It is like being underwater and needing to take a breath, so you do not drown. They grasp onto every ray of light they can hold to live. As your frequencies rise through your conscious awareness of this light, the pull from the dark forces will increase. They need to identify with your frequency to sustain their own levels of existence. As you bring the light out into your conscious state of existence, the dark forces ride this frequency to sustain their own life forces.

Many are not capable of riding this big wave of knowledge that the Creator of All is providing this corner of the Milky Way. There are several different levels of knowledge being shared as the separation of dimensions increase and as they overlap during this transitional period. The dark forces are taking the knowledge and distorting the information as they form it into their own levels for understanding. They twist the information to make it something they can control. They do not allow the knowledge to flow through them for all to share. They hold it as their own. They will not share what they are given and do not have the space within the body to allow new information to flow as a result. They do not want to open themselves up to this flow of knowledge that is required in this part of the universe for expansion.

The Creator of All holds every level within this power for creation. The choices of what to do with what is given is determined by each conscious entity that chooses, or not, to create further. If one holds the flow as their own, it becomes stagnant and will separate into eventual destruction. This is a process that occurs over and over until each conscious strand of creation understands that they are in the Mind of Something Greater for expansion.

Each ray of knowledge holds its own band of frequency that intertwines with all knowledge. When this information expands down into the third level of density, it is formed into physical matter. The human body intertwines with this knowledge to hold the part of the Creator of All to experience this dimension. The goal is to further creation. The dark forces form into the human body to create for their own pleasures and distort the information that is meant to be shared for the creation of all. The vengeance of love comes forth to ensure the flow of knowledge occurs. It can be called the end of times as this vengeance spreads across the world and into every heart and mind that hears and sees. It is a time of great unrest as all know something is happening, but they consciously cannot articulate what that means. The war for the soul is upon this planet and all are being activated.


Ashley said...

The war for the soul is happening and we can either choose to be a part of it or ignore it. If we ignore it, all the light and knowledge from the Creator of All will be lost. It is our job as messengers to spread this knowledge. Only love can save the world. We can spread this light and love through this. We are all diamonds in the rough and we shine brighter when things get tough!

In the Mind of Something Greater said...

Ashley, thank you for you feedback! Yes! We all play a part and what we Say and do makes all the difference. We are literally at war for our souls and it is time for everyone to wake up to their purposes!! Please continue to discuss your thoughts on this so others will feel comfortable to do the same.