Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The Body Is Changing

The confinements within this dimension continue to bring forth new understanding within the mind and body. The soul is breaking through the shell of fear as the thoughts begin to receive the light of truth. The body feels the pull from the other realms. The knowledge shines into the mind as the truth seeps into the heart. The soul pulls this information from the heart and mind to intertwine it for discernment. The spirit pours the accumulation of all data into the soul for an overview in this dimension. As the soul gathers understanding for all lifetimes, the mind and body provides more input for review. The soul takes all information and feeds it back to the oversoul which shares it with the other realms.

The truth that can be held within the human form is limited. As the codes change inside the DNA and the RNA, more understanding occurs. The body is changing for this new level of growth. It has occurred many times in many ways and as the conscious state of existence expands, all will be capable to, one day, see all timelines that simultaneously occur. All lives lived are living NOW. All souls intertwine back to the Creator of All. You will one day be capable of seeing how the oversoul fragments out into the hologram of the third dimension. As you consciously awaken, you will begin to know things from other lives that are simultaneously living and cross over into your current awareness. You may think that there is someone else inside of you as you expand into other timelines. As you evolve consciously, you will see the shift within the view. The densities within the level of light you hold will project into people, places, and things. The view you see is determined by several components.

As growth occurs through your awareness of other realms, more will be seen and experienced. The mind must be opened, and thoughts must be willing to receive information that has never been pondered before. There can be no judgments or restricted beliefs as the other realms bring new data into the human form. To obtain pure information from what is called the Holy Spirit, one must be humbled and filled with desperation. This state will bring forth the knowing of how the light and the dark work together for creation. The result will be to see the light of truth within the eyes that will reflect the spirit that lives inside the body. This is a sign of the separation as the light and the dark are then defined for the human view. Only the human forms that are open to this information will see the light and the darkness within the people, places, and things on the planet as this part of the universe expands within the Milky Way.

This is the timeline where the bodies are trying to catch up with the consciousness that is seeping through the veil. All feel it but not all can allow it to flow through the body. The fears that are held in the body block the knowledge from entering. Those who know what is happening are finding it difficult to keep the frequency level to help those who are struggling on the lower vibrations. The time is here when those in the light will have to let go of the lower frequencies to allow the knowledge to flow through the Milky Way. Those who do not let go of the fears will remain on a lower timeline and will fade from view as the separation occurs.

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