Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Wind

**While sitting outside writing "The Flow of Change" this morning the wind brought me words to share:
The flow of change will come to you like the wind that passes by. Each time you feel the desperation the humility will hit you first. This feeling will come so fast that it will bring you to your knees. The wind will bring you thoughts of love because of who you are. The hope will come and pick you up and make you search for more. The hope will show you that Something Greater is telling you there’s more. Once the wind has hit your skin and speaks to you inside, the faith will come because of what you feel. It will get you off your knees. Then the wind will show you that Something Greater is in your world. As your view shows you that what you feel is real, the belief will sit inside your thoughts and all your morals will change.

Like the wind that blows against your skin, so shall the belief inside. Your new found morals will take your virtues and make you want to share with the world. Your thoughts will make you want to share because of how you feel. With the intensions to share what you think and all that brings you love, the love will bring you knowledge that will bring you back to your knees. As the wind blows back and forth, so shall your desperation. Each time you search for Something Greater the wind will tell you more.



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