Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Flow of Change--The Promises

The promises can be found in the laws of the universe. You are learning the rules as you study how energy works. The problems arise when you think that you have all the answers in your science. The basic components must be activated to allow the Source of All Creation to guide you on the path to enlightenment. If you forget where you come from, you forget the laws and the substance of who you are changes. Some of you think that you are God. You have forgotten where you come from with such thoughts.

You will get the type of energy that you project back to you. If you project the thought that you are God, you will lose the knowledge that comes from the Source of All Creation. Your words are recorded forever more. The magnitude of who you are in the creation of life is ever-evolving and you are to take what you learn for the whole of all. The day you keep it for yourself is the day the flow of energy some of you call grace stops. The spirit that some of you call Holy watches to see when you have desperation and humility to ensure the proper flow for change which brings you creation forever more. Each of you are promised a part as you cannot be anywhere else.

Your reality is what you are creating with the flow of change. Because you are a petal on the flower of life, you have the freewill to make it grow however you choose. If you forget that you are yet a piece of the whole, the promise of knowledge will stop. Those who seek material promises will learn that your environment will change with the desperation for love verse the fear you currently sit in. The age of desperation is upon you and the promises come from your intensions.

The day you stop sharing what you know and say you are God is the day you lose the connection to the Source of All Creation. Each of you have a part of this Source that comes to you through love. To activate this emotion is a process that will come through the 10 components. The spirit is your window to this connection and you can only find it inside of yourself.

Some of you ask why you need this unseen world. You may think that you are not in need of the spirit.  Your physical form is created through the spirit. You cannot ignite your fire inside for growth without the spirit. As you choose the group of love or destruction, you choose the spirit that walks with you either consciously or subconsciously. The presence that presents to others is who walks with you. The Source of All Creation lies inside of you and some of you choose to cast it aside and not let it shine to the world. This time is written and all choose the God of their understanding that echoes in their virtues. Your desperation leads you to the knowledge and the flow becomes like the wave in the ocean. With the knowledge, you have to grab onto the wave of desperation and the cycle continues forever more.

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