Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Magical World

**Book 2 is  totally different from book 1. Here is another piece of what I am writing as I took the week off from my job to focus all my attention onto the information I continue to hear like a whisper in my thoughts:
During the beginning stage of this process, things will appear magical and your thoughts will be seen and heard through the world around you. A song may hold a message for you at a time when you were seeking for answers and a stranger may smile when passing by at the exact time you felt alone and anxious. You will think you are in a wonderland and all the world is a stage.

This period of development is an exciting time and all the universe will celebrate with you. Nature will respond to you as you attract like energy. Each of you will have your own interpretation of what people, places and things mean to you when they appear in your pathway. You will see the birds dance as they swoop down in front of you as if to say they know you have discovered this unseen world.

It is vital to your growth to release all fear of what this unseen world means to you. You will have to go to the darkest spot within your mind to release the fears as they project out into your world. This magical stage of development will bring all your fears out as well as your loving thoughts. You may experience chaos in all your affairs.

It will feel as though there is a force that lies directly above you trying to pull you into a feeling of loneliness. This feeling lies in your gravity and makes it hard to breath at times. It is the source of all fear. It lies in the Principles and it covers your planet. It has its own consciousness and it has twisted the universal laws into a state of confusion. This process has been building since your beginning. You are breaking through this confusion by activating the components that lite your flame for life to cast the knowledge that there are those above this fear that are speaking to you through the chaos that holds you in the fear. The more you seek for what that means to you, the more coincidences you will discover.

The realization that you are not of this world becomes a view that takes you above the body. As you look towards a mirror, you will think at times that you do not belong in this body. The acceptance that you choose to come into this body for all the experiences that bring you to the day will cause negative and positive emotions. You will be able to see the greater good during this magical stage of development, yet hold anger towards all you went through to get to this day. You will grasp onto the knowledge that you are here and nowhere else. The past has occurred and the future comes only when you think about it. The future is your thoughts that you project outward because of where you stand at this moment. You will struggle with the thoughts of who you were before you found the knowledge that there is Something Greater that hears your cries at night.

“Everyone who asks receives and everyone who searches finds” Matthew 7:8

You will begin to hold onto the belief that there is Something Greater out there and if you project the proper flow within yourself, this unseen world will give you what you seek. You must be cautious during this stage because of the fears you will be susceptible to. You are like a new born baby during this stage and the new thoughts will mix inside your head until you can separate them to decide which ones you want to keep and which ones you want to cast aside.

You will seek for the inspirations to further your purpose in this dimension. There will be other conscious levels you will be absorbing when you listen to the sounds for long enough. You will have to find the part that you understand to pull the strength for protection within the thoughts that hold the fears. The strength will come from the belief that there is Something Greater and the promises will emerge into your physical world.

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