Sunday, November 16, 2014

Chapter 2 -- The Flow of Change

There are two sources that call to you inside and the interpretation of them is for you alone to understand. Remember you are the vessel and as you gain control over your thoughts, you bring more of this world into your conscious state of being. Look towards the corners of your eyesight and as you seek, it will appear. Be aware of your intentions and verbalize them so the words ring into the universe. All are listening and waiting to reach into your dimension to show you this world. Once you activate this part inside your intensions, all will follow. The thoughts will flow and your virtues and morals will shine for all to see. The circle of your life in this body begins and ends with your desperation that keeps you humble. The hope brings forth your faith that blends into your beliefs. The strength will come and the courage will make you go full force as you light the fire inside. The inside view of what you see will then be seen in your outside world. You will feel the change in the air. You will feel the presence as you breathe it out. There will come a day when you will be able to change the outside view because of what you believe. Your action will be required and the strength from your intensions will build into the ability to lift the veil that is placed in this time period.

As you become more aware of this world the flow of the activating components will change. As your hope and faith turn into the belief in this unseen world, all will change on the outside. You will begin to radiate and others will see a physical change, yet nothing will be different. The knowledge will pour into your thoughts and you will want to grasp every piece you can understand to articulate what wonderful feelings are occurring. Be aware that you cannot skip any component to obtain the proper knowledge. You cannot skip your morals to get to the proper intensions for more knowledge. The activation occurs with the proper flow of energy to obtain the connection to the Source of All Creation.

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