Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Feeling of Urgency

**Please read this passage out loud three times and feel the spirit moving through the body as the mind comprehends the words.

Many life times brought you to where you sit at this moment. With each life you have lived, you bring more knowledge into the body. The planets are aligned to bring you the frequency to activate the knowing of all lives lived. As the walking library for the universe, you are opening corridors inside of you to rooms of knowledge that have not been used for many life times.

The information is inside of you waiting to become conscious. Everything you see, hear, touch, smell and taste brings more light inside the rooms of information you hold. The lights in the rooms are switching on quickly now. Some of you will want to switch the lights off as you attempt to align to this new awareness of who you really are. The anxiety may come in waves. Know the growing pains in the body will be brief.

The feeling of urgency may overwhelm you. Know that those who live in the light are here to support you as the body opens to this mission that you came here to complete. The universe waits with anticipation as you open these rooms full of information that hold the knowledge for all the universe. No one can do this for you.

You have accepted this mission for all the universe. As these rooms of information open inside of you, the outside view will become confusing. Those who do not want you to have access to this information will present many illusions to you. Those of the light family will send messages like these to you in attempts to deflect these illusions.

It will be your responsibility to feel your way through the illusions with discernment. The urgency is felt because the body you are in has limitations due to these illusions that have been building for many life times. Once you activate the knowing that you are the library to all knowledge, the body will become lighter. Your view of death will be one of the first illusions to overcome so you can relax during this transition. The feeling of urgency will subside for a time as you realign your mind and body with the spirit.

The spirit will begin to be viewed as the part of this process that holds the power to unlock the doors of information. The body will then surrender as the spirit permeates all corridors within the body with the keys to unlock each door to the rooms holding the information for knowledge.

Each room will open when the body and the mind are aligned properly with the spirit. Some rooms will need to be cleaned out due to the life times you have lived full of fear. You have stored the fears in these rooms mixed with the information and this causes confusion. Your fears need to be removed as you face each one, feel each one and then free each one.

Once these rooms are cleaned of all illusions, the clarity will come as you see the light shining brightly and as you awaken to your purpose while here. Now is the time, not tomorrow or next week. Feel the urgency of your mission guiding your every thought. Do not let those around you sway your thoughts. You are not going insane, you are feeling the urgency because the time is NOW. Be still and know you are not alone. Know you are held in the mind of Something Greater and you are protected and loved.

The spirit called holy surrounds you now and activates the knowing inside of you. The sound of your voice is heard as the feel of your heart wraps around the words. You are no longer asleep and feel the knowing that rises you above the gravity where the negative frequency holds you hostage.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Knowing in Human Form

You are in the process of remembering who you are and why you are here. The knowing is being activated and the clarity is coming like the mist in the morning sun. Each day upon awakening, a little more understanding is sprinkled throughout your daily tasks. It has always laid within you and is now waking-up like a hungry bear. The heaviness is leaving as those who have controlled you can no longer consume your thoughts. As the peace enters, so shall the knowing of your purpose in human form.

We planned this experience together for the creation of All. The messages will be within your daily tasks as you prepare this world for what is coming. The chaos is like the preparation for a celebration. As you open the body up for the light of knowledge, you are experiencing many sensations that may cause fear. Do not fear the openings for consciousness of who you have always been. The veil that has been laid over you is now lifting.

The initial feelings will be like looking at the sun that moves quickly from behind the clouds. The brightness will make you feel as though you are going blind until you adjust to the new level of understanding. You will adjust quickly now as the body realigns with the Prime Creator’s purpose for your creation in human form.

Do not listen to all the chatter that surrounds you. Stay within your inner knowing and the sounds will come to guide you for the tasks that are activating the body. All prepare for the shift that has been anticipated since your beginning. Everyone is experiencing the sensations that are many. No one is vocalizing what is happening because there are no words for this experience. The body is changing as the spirit enters the human form. Many are attempting to explain what this process consists of but very few understand what is really happening.

Stay still and observe this glorious occasion. Many life-times have brought you to this moment. When you feel the growing pains, visualize the light from your creator shining the healing energies into the areas that are expanding through the pain. Try to not put labels on the sensations and keep open to the changes with gratitude. The body will need lots of breathing and lots of water as the transformation occurs. Those in the darkness will be seen as such. The light bringers will shine so bright that those in the dark will not be able to see them or will not be capable of looking at them without experiencing anger, fear, anxiety or shame.  The body is forming into the shape of the spirit that fills the thoughts. All worlds are being consciously experienced in the body. Sights and wonders are within every breath that is inhaled and every thought that is exhaled. Embrace this awareness that has never occurred before. It is time for the knowing in human form.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Who I Am

It does not matter what others think about who I Am. It matters what only you think of who I Am. The only way to find Me is to love thy self. There is where I Am found in everything you ever felt.  I Am not found inside your worries or in the fears you hold. I Am not in the words that can sound so cold. I Am in the sound of stillness, listen to hear the call. Once you connect with My sound, you will see Me in the whole of All. It starts inside the beating of your heart and then moves into the eyes. The sound will follow out into the trees and then into the sky. All will change within the blink of an eye.
Your connection to who I Am will be determined by what you see. The awareness starts inside of you for all that you can be. My presence is determined by what you think and by what you do. I will reach into your heart and make your body feel new. I will move into the mind as you seek to find, the world where all your hopes and dreams let Me crawl inside. The more you seek for who I Am, the more will be revealed. The more of Me that you find the more you will feel healed. The space that surrounds where you stand will then become so thick. The light above you will shine right where you sit. The heat will spread through the body as you begin to sense My presence. You will see everything glow as your world turns into heaven.
A knowing will come as the shift occurs that you are not alone. You will get a verification in everything that is shown. No matter where you go or what you then do, I will surround you with My love and make your whole world new. Others will sense My presence as it shines through you. They will not understand the feeling that will then be in the view. You will speak for Me to bring others clues to who I Am. You will feel the heat that My presence will bring. It will feel like sitting in the sun as the birds sing.
All will respond to My power just like the trees and flowers. All will grow into the knowing that I Am the power. I mix your darkness into My love that shines with all the light. You grow into the most beautiful of creations that will someday glow so bright. Your conscious contact with My presence will bring the knowing to you. The planets align to bring My love through all that you then do.
Sit within the power of the moment and My grace will flow. When you consciously connect with Me, you will then know, I Am found inside everything that makes you who you are. How much of Me that you hold will determine if you shine like a star. All you see and think about will hold the clues. Some days you will think that you know who I Am and everything will look new. Other days as you worry, I will not be found. Your belief in who I Am will even be in the sounds. You will have to think about who I Am and there is where I Am found.
All creations in this realm answer to My call. I come to those who are sick and suffering and pick them up when they fall. When you feel the presence of love, you will connect with All. Who I Am is determined by the Whole of All. At first, I may be a hand that a stranger offers for help. Then I may be seen in the mirror as you look at yourself. I may look like the sun that helps the flowers grow. I may be in the force where the wind blows. No matter how you try to find Me, All go back to ONE. Look for all the clues through people, places and things and try to have some fun.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Living Between Two Worlds

To come into the awareness of a world that cannot be seen is like living in two worlds and you are in between. Everything will echo as you walk through the day. You will become aware of sensations that seem to swirl just outside of what you can say. The intensity of your view will bring the light onto certain objects that will cause everything else to seem shaded. It will seem as though you are looking through a tunnel as everything becomes faded. At times the effect will bring clarity as you seem to swirl around with an awareness that cannot be articulated. You will even feel light-headed or even dizzy as you sense the change where nothing is formulated.

In crowds of people the echo will be heard, as you try to focus on all the spoken words. You will feel as though you are floating just above the room as you watch every one and no one has a clue. You know you are different as the sparkles of light shine around the edges of the people in delight. Your skin will feel a change even in the air and you will smell an aroma that is not really there. You will begin to find the peace within your mind as you sense the effect the two worlds help you find. It may start as you listen to the whispers in your head that tells you the spirit is mixing into what you just said.

You will sense a change as the temperature rises, then the chills will come as the senses bring you prizes. Did you feel a touch that stroked the top of your head? Did you see a shadow within the corner that spreads? Then the love will come as the spirit blends inside. The more you are in the moment, the two worlds collide. You will find the clues within the people, places and things. You will search for more within everything. The wind will speak inside the trees. You will find a love that brings you to your knees. You may reach a level within the feelings you have that will pull your body towards the ground and the mind towards the sky. You may even feel the urge to want to fly. This feeling will make you want to reach for the air as the spirit seems to mix inside the wind in your hair. That will be the day the memories will come that you are in this dark land to activate a change within the heart and the mind. The two worlds you seem to be inside will echo the question of “Why?”. Why do you have to be in two worlds where one does not recognize that the other is real?

Your daily life will become the clues as you walk in both worlds and question all that you do. Your life will hold new meaning as you even see, the darkness as a clue into all that you say and do. The sounds and the sights will make the two worlds seem like a playground inside your mind. As the everyday world you live is on one end of your thoughts and the spirit world is on the other, you will float in the center anticipating the day when both worlds will meet. You will try to stay centered and just look at your feet.

Then the day knowledge will pour straight into your thoughts. One world is like a dream as you know there is more. You may even find an answer behind a word that is spoken by someone who opens up a door. Your body will tire of the feelings you hold as the mind cannot comprehend what is being told. You will know that the spirit lies around the edges of your everyday life. It will feel as though it keeps you enclosed as you search for the center of the web you now see just as a spider crawls towards your feet.

Living between two worlds will make you become aware of all you see and do. The knowledge pours into your thoughts, you will begin to understand that this life is just a reflection of a bigger plan. Your thoughts will travel through this life into the spirit world. You then connect to Something Greater as your thoughts swirl. A piece of all that is will lie in the spirit world. The world your body holds has been foretold. You will travel back and forth between the two worlds. You will begin to remember what has always been told. The spirit projects inside of you and out into the whole of all. You are here to bring the world together for the creation of all.

Living between two worlds makes it difficult to stay focused in your day. The rays of the will make you want to play. The colors will sparkle and glow from above as you experience nothing but pure love. You will see behind the people that come into your day. You will hear the spirits in all that they do and say. You will want to shine the spirit out into this dark land for those who do not understand. With one foot in the spirit and one foot on the ground, you will be the change within every sound. You will then understand that you are the bridge between the physical world and the spiritual world as you live between two worlds.

Monday, January 1, 2018


Chapter 26

As your awareness grows, you will have periods where it will feel as though you are going nowhere. You may not even feel anything and the feeling of emptiness will occur. Your thoughts will tell you that there is Something Greater yet you will not feel anything inside. The mixture you hold on these days will bring questions of why you cannot feel a connection to the Source of All Creation. The thoughts that you are not worthy will seep into the mix. Prayer is needed every day and when you do not feel worthy are the times you must vocalize what you are thinking. Prayer will be your connection and your words will mix into the air as you speak. Your faith in this process will bring forth your true intentions. You will need to take the prayers that you speak and internalize the words to light the fire in your soul. Visualizing this process will help you when you feel empty inside.
If you say the prayer over and over with continuous praying, the words will seep into your heart that will light the fire in your soul. The fire in your soul will ignite all the components that will bring forth the connection to Something Greater.
The words you speak in the prayer are vital to this process. You will need to understand and believe what you are saying in the prayer as you visualize the words going straight to your heart.              
If you consciously understand the words, they will impact the soul so the process for a connection to Something Greater can began. The gift all humans have is the conscious awareness of what they speak. If you cannot speak or you cannot hear, your thoughts hold the meaning behind your unspoken words that will go straight to your heart. Your intentions will bring forth the energy as the thoughts, words or unspoken words of your prayer go straight to your heart. The heart is the messenger to the entire body. What you hold in your blood brings forth the feelings. The feelings ignite the soul. If your heart is full of sadness, your body will eventually become slow with very little energy. If you feel angry, the heart will begin to beat faster with great force. If you feel love, your heart will beat steady or almost feel as though it will flutter. Your feelings will go straight to your thoughts. The feelings will blend with the soul that ignites all 10 components and will bring forth the energy from the Source of All Creation.

Depending upon the level of fear you hold will determine the amount of the connection you have with Something Greater. The amount of fear-based feelings will blend with the mixture of the amount of the connection to Something Greater you hold at any given time. It will be your responsibility to maintain the connection within your body and mind. The spirit will flow into you as you maintain the components within yourself. You will pull this source into the space around you to give off a glow that some of you can see and call auras.

Your colors shine in the space around you that even if it cannot be seen, it will be felt by others. They will respond to this field of energy that you project outward regardless of what you may say and do during your time with them. As you gain knowledge of this process, you will learn how to manipulate the responses others will have during their time with you. If you put forth the spirit of love, the entire space around you will react accordingly. The laws of the universe ensure that this energy is carried out as there is perfect order in this process. The Source of All Creation created the laws that are received though out history. The amount of love you project must carry out as it is the emotion for creation.  Any darkness will shine into the love and as the light shines into the darkness so all can see, so shall your loving feelings that bring forth the spirit of love that blends with your thoughts to project out to your world.