Saturday, April 28, 2018

Flow of Knowledge

As you awaken to the realization that the universe waits for you to become aware, you will be like the bear waking up from a long winter’s sleep. This moment has been anticipated and each of you are special for your own contributions. Each of you will experience the awakening as promised. The light of truth came in physical form to show you what you are capable of in this body. The word was spoken and the barrier between the spirit, the mind and the body were broken. You were created for this experience and now the thoughts of what this means to you is asked. The thoughts of Something Greater will turn into the tasks of what you are to do during the time you are here. You know you are created for a purpose as everyone has a mission in these bodies.

Why do some of you understand it and others do not? How do you communicate what you know so others can find it for themselves? This stage of development causes you to take this new-found belief out into your virtues and the impact in this time can be anything you want it to be. You will no longer have insecurities if you so choose. You are the tool that can be used to show those how to accept where they stand and how they can learn to love themselves because of what you believe. You will become an example for others and slowly you will become responsible for this knowledge within all your affairs. You will begin to gain an understanding of how important all the components are as you seek every day for the connection to the God of your understanding.

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