Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Waves of Energy

The energies mix inside of you, they blend in and out within your view. Like the waves in the ocean, what you say and what you do will bring the waves of energy to create your view. If what you say does not match with what you think, the waves will be rough as the energies do not sync. It will look like a storm within the air as the spirits bring forth the source of energies everywhere.

The darkest source you hold will spread into the mind, it will seep into the air and will crawl into all you find. You will not see this source, you will not know how the spirit commands the energies to put you on a specific course. It will shift into the darkness or into the light. It will intertwine into all within your sight.

When you are sad it will make the sun seem dull and gray. If you are full of love, you will see the love even in the sun rays. All the world responds to what you think, all the world is connected by this link. The energies respond to your command. The spirit directs the flow right where you stand.
The waves will be soft as you feel peace of mind, the waves will caress you if you are loving and kind. The Source of All directs the spirit through the universal laws. The laws are managed by protectors that answer to the Source’s call. All is created so you can enjoy this day. If you feel joy, then the energies will bring this view to you along the way. The spirit blends within the mind. The spirit will be seen within the stranger’s eye. All the universe mixes inside. The waves of energy spread into the spirit, body and mind.

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