Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Fish Bowl

It is time to open the mind and hear the spirit that crawls inside. You will feel the shift in the thoughts that go against all you have ever been taught. At first it will be a feeling that will come as your body feels the healing. Do you speak the words that you hear? Do you push away the fear? You are the vehicle for this unseen world as it reaches into your core.

Sense the beings from another place as you bring them into your space. You can lead them into your mind, they whisper secrets as you search to find. Is there meaning in this life that cuts into your heart like a knife? You will smell it in the air, you will hear it everywhere.

The waves will hit you hard at times. You will see the wonders, sights and signs. This world will come through people, places and things. There should not be expectations in what it can bring. What you see is what you believe. It will shine through the mind, the body and the soul. The spirit will pull you out of this fish bowl.
At first you will jump out the water and see pieces of this world, then you may fall further down into the deep dark water as you try to make sense of what you see. Then you will feel a surge inside the body as you begin to believe. Each time you jump a little higher out of the fish bowl, you will sense a power in the soul.
The shadows of the spirit will then begin to be seen. You will start to feel as though you are living in-between. Some days you will want to pretend that it is not there, other days you will see and feel it everywhere. Each time you seek for a little more, it will crawl into your core.

 As you look out from the fish bowl, you will feel as though you are being watched. Who is looking back at you? Are the angels giving you clues? Do the demons cause your tears as you try to not feel the fear?

As you jump in and out of the water, the fish bowl will start to feel smaller. You will go through many emotions as you try to float above the water. The feeling of being in a fish bowl will be sign that you are ascending.

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