Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Soul Awakens

The soul awakens as you seek in desperation for healing. The soul is wrapped in fears and when the fears become so great, you seek for change because you can no longer live this way, it breaks through the fears to illuminate truth through all the illusions. It is like the bird that hatches from the egg for all to see. It may take many life times for some to become aware of the world that lives inside.

As the soul awakens, it will project this transition into the hologram you see in the place you call home. This stage brings you a longing for something more as you try to make sense of the truths that begin to shine through all the illusions. What you once thought of as truth is no longer correct.

People, places and things begin to look different than what you remember. There will be periods of all lives lived coming into your present moment. The reflections will hold a knowing that you cannot articulate. As you become aware of the vibrations within the body, you will feel the soul at work. It may start for some in the core of your stomach and move up into your chest.

You will feel a heat inside that spreads throughout the body. This is the stage when all fears break away as the soul becomes empowered by your conscious effort for change. You begin to feel different and will radiate this power from the body. People will say you look different, but nothing physically has changed that you can see.
Sights and wonders appear throughout your waking hours and dreams become lucid. You may even become confused of what was dreams and what was not. You will begin to feel a separation inside as the fears dissipate within your thoughts.

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