Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Beauty from the Chaos

I feel the joy that comes as a payoff when faith is worked over and over in my life. Like the metal that is beaten into the most beautiful of statues, that is the feeling today. I shine from all the work that now illuminates in my life. I understand, yet, cannot articulate this process as I look over the beauty that has formed from all the chaos. Like the baby chick that must work so hard to hatch from the egg or the butterfly that bursts from the cocoon. I have been beaten down into a life that brings me this joy today.
Even on the days when there was nothing but suffering and I was filled with fear, I faced this fear over and over until it was finally freed. I had to feel it over and over until it became the joy of this moment. I stood in fear many days with tears of uncertainty, yet my faith stayed strong with the belief that if I did not sway in what I wanted in my life, I could form this into my world.

It took years to see this day and here I stand with a new world that surrounds me because of my faith. The debris from all the chaos has been cleaned up and the garbage has been discarded. Some debris has been salvaged and some has been turned into a whole new form.
The aftermath from the hurricane called “My awakening” brings me into a whole new level of understanding. It could not have happened any other way. All I went through was needed to form me into the courage that can only come from such fear.

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