Monday, March 9, 2015


** This information is for feedback from the author and no part can be shared without permission from the author.
--Just wanted to share a section I am working on for the next book. I see pictures in my mind for the Flow of Change and I am trying to learn how to draw the diagrams on the computer which is challenging for me. I look forward to any feedback on this information:

All will mix their very essence into this dimension until the day the body goes back to the earth in which it came from. The fear of having no form to identify yourself with has even caused uncertainty in the most enlightened during their time in human form.

The thoughts that there is Something Greater will make you question why you have to die and why are you here to begin with. As the universe expands to one day contract back into ONE, so shall your consciousness as you experience the spirit in human form.

The school ground of life will bring you many opportunities for spiritual growth. You can take the lessons of life and turn them into a flow for enlightenment or you can flunk what you call tests and repeat the same subjects life-time after life-time until you consciously become aware of what you keep repeating so you can graduate from the current form called human. The fear holds your thoughts that you are nothing without this body until you move past this fear. The shedding of your fears will be like the layers of an onion. The more you peel the fears away, the closer you get to the soul.

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