Friday, January 9, 2015

The Search for More

Your fear sits on one side of your thoughts giving you all the reasons why you cannot reach for Something Greater. Your thoughts of love reach for you on the other side and softly give you hope of something more. As they stand to face each other right within your mind, you will sit in the middle of uncertainty of what you want to find.

The fear will make you want to hide from all that you might be. The love will call inside the fear and cheer you on for more. If you let the uncertainty mix within the fear, you will blend your thoughts inside with a world that will tell you not to care. If you take the love you hold and listen to the sounds, you will take the uncertainty and mix it into hope. The two together will bring you faith where all your courage lies.

The courage will become a shield that will make you search for more.  The fear will chastise all you do and tell you not to try. The love will blend into the thoughts to make you question “Why?” As you stand in the middle of the fear, you will look for more. Then your view will show you how to find the courage for more. If you let the fear you hold cover your thoughts of love, your world will look as though the fear has covered the view you see. If you take the faith that shines inside the light of love, Something Greater will sparkle inside and make you search for more. You will feel a peace inside because of who you are. That will be the day you find the gratitude inside. It will guide you towards the love for all that you can be.

Do you let your uncertainty blend within your fear? Do you find the courage because of what you see? The hope will bring a faith to you because of what you believe. The fear will take your uncertainty and make you want to hide. The love will pull you into the thoughts of all that you can be. As you look for Something Greater within the view you see, you will find the uncertainty will make you search for more. The fear will call within your thoughts to tell you not to look. Which do you find within your view as you stand right where you are today?

Do you mix uncertainty with the thoughts of love? Do you let the fear inside tell you not to search? Something Greater will say hello within the view of love. It will sparkle inside the sun and in the rain that falls. Then the wind will touch your skin and you will breathe it in. The faith will bring a belief for you as you search for more. This search will start the day you take the desperation that you hold because the fear is all you know.

The desperation will come to you without the thoughts of love. It will hold the thoughts of all your fear that sits inside your mind. The fear will sound like an echo in your thoughts as you feel alone. Then you will go onto your knees because there is nothing else to do. The humility will come to you to tell you that you are loved. That will be the day you find you cannot live without the thoughts of Something Greater. A sound will call to you inside and you will feel the peace. You are here right where you stand and nowhere else will do. This sound will come to you in the form of gratitude. It will tell you that you are not alone. It will speak into your thoughts that will come from a feeling of love. It will calm the thoughts you hold and you will find the thoughts of love. Some of you may even hear a voice that will speak to you inside. The love will come in many forms as you search for more. It will become a quest for you as you look for more.

Was there a message in the picture that held the words you needed to read? Did someone sing to you in the song and tell you that there is Something Greater? The more you search for peace inside, you will question if there is Something Greater that is speaking to you inside your day. You will find that as you search for understanding, you will like the way you feel when you think there is Something Greater that walks with you throughout the day. Then the day will come to you that you will not question if this unseen world is there. You will get the answers you seek from the stranger who passes by. You will find the peace you seek inside the view you see. That will be the day you find your fear has turned into the courage to search for more.

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