Monday, October 20, 2014

The Tool

That overwhelming feeling that you get when everything feels like it is just “too much” is a signal to yourself that it is time to breath in the moment and exhale the past of what occurred  and the future of what may occur. When you take the present and know that you are right here and nowhere else, then all the overwhelming feelings subside. The spirit lies within the moment and all the other thoughts take away your ability to listen to what is being said. If you listen close enough the air will speak to you. The softness in the air that speaks will only be for you. No one else will hear the voice that whispers in your ear. It will come about the time your heart is filled with joy.

You will be told that you are a tool that will be for all the world’s repair. The fear will leave you in an instant as you let this presence in. Your heart will burn for all you feel and you will know that all the joy is for this unseen world. It will touch you in a way that no one else will see. They will look into your eyes and see a light inside. You were chosen for this task to shine it to the world. You will want them all to know that your creator walks with you.

You were dark and had nothing to give until this feeling arrived. You will question are you good enough to share what this feeling brings. You always had these thoughts inside but you were too afraid. Now you stand by yourself as a vessel for this world. You will know that your creator keeps you out of harm’s way. You will look towards all the world to share the gifts you hold. You will show the world that you serve this unseen world.

You look inside your thoughts to see what you will find. You will question where it is on days that seem too much to bare. You will want to find the voice that brings you peace inside. All the world will become a place to see if you can find the clues that your creator gives to just you. The freedom in your mind will come as you feel the joy. The overwhelming feelings you hold will then become a dream. You will take the source inside and blend it with your view. You are the tool to take this love out into the world.

You will see those that need repaired. You will share your gifts with them and then will find more. The more you give them to your world the more gifts that will appear. Your are the tool that Something Greater will use to give the gift of love. It may come as a smile that someone else may need.

How do you become a tool for a world that cannot be seen? What do you hold that will make you want to search for something more? You will look inside the darkest thoughts that you hold. There will be a window that shines a light for you to see. As you sit within the darkness the desperation for Something Greater will call inside your heart. This light will reflect a feeling that will remind you of what you have always had. As you crawl towards the light, the window will open to you inside. There will be a sound as you listen for something more. Then a whisper inside your thoughts will sound the voice of love. Was it always there or did it just appear? That is when you will feel the part that says that you are here.

All the past brought you to this day. As you look into your world you will begin to see that all that lies before you is an extensions of this unseen world. You will see that your relationship with Something Greater is in the world around you that shines out from within your eyes. That is when you will understand that you are given the task of showing others where it is so they can find it for their selves.

You are the tool for Something Greater to help repair the world. Even if you touch one heart and learn a word that heals, you are giving what you have found right inside your head. There will be some who will not be able to see the gifts that Something Greater shines for all to see. They are in the darkest spot right within their minds. As you shine the light of love they will curl up into the fear. They cannot let go of the past and all they think they are. When you speak the words of truth, they will turn the other way. They will say that there is nothing other than what you can see. You will sound the trumpet right inside their head.

They will react to what you say in one of two ways. They will take your words and use them for their own or they will deny that their creator lies within their heart. This time is made for all to see what lies inside the thoughts. Do you share what you know and become the tool for this unseen world? Do you repair the broken hearts with the knowledge you now hold? The world is big and you seem small as you try to shine your light. You are the tool that repairs the fear that prevents the love from shining through. With each time you replace the fear with the light that love can bring, there will come a day when only love will shine. You are the vessel for this light that will change the world. Each time you share what you hold others will share it too. You are the tool to repair the world one person at a time.








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