Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Playground

  One day Anger was playing with Hate on the playground.  They were scared of each other and worried what the other thought the whole time they were together. As they tried to play, they heard laughter echo from the monkey bars like they had never heard before. They wondered who was having so much fun and went to see who it was. Joy was at the top of the monkey bars and Happy was climbing to the top to join him. They were laughing and appeared to not have a care in the world.

Hate and Anger wanted to know what made Joy and Happy smile so much. As they watched from afar, a flower named Honesty yelled over and told Anger and Hate to go ask the ones who smile how they got that way. As Joy and Happy told the story of how they found Something Greater inside their thoughts, they searched for more. With each day they sought for more, they began to enjoy their life with every waking moment. They found that as they enjoyed their life, they only liked being around those who had loving thoughts. Each day they looked, they found clues on their search through other emotions.

One day a flower called Honesty told them to speak out for what they wanted. The next day a tree called Hope told them to see what lies all around them. The day after that a cloud called Faith floated by and told them to believe in who they are today. As they looked at all the things they found in their lives, they heard thunder and one bolt of lightning struck right where they stood and said his name was Gratitude. The bolt of lightning reminded them of how small they were and in their humility, they looked to the sky and heard a voice in their desperation to find the answers to who they really are.

Something Greater spoke to them and they found Love that came to them forever more.


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