Sunday, October 5, 2014


How do some of us feel a presence that surrounds us like the mother who holds her child full of love? How do some of us feel the grace that is bestowed upon us while others sit within the misery of their minds? Are there chosen who are born with such a thing? Do they know that they are graced with the presence of this love? What makes them different in their thoughts that makes them want to shine? What makes them know that there is Something Greater that makes them feel alive?

Don’t look towards what one may have that surrounds them in their life. It is only found in those who want to give their self. Maybe they will smile at you as they pass you by. You will feel the love that shines out from within their eyes. You will question “What do they know so I can understand?” They will look as though they have found heaven within their minds. You will want it for yourself as you sit all alone. The desperation for this love will make you want to search. Then the day will come to you when you will find it for yourself. You will be upon your knees when thoughts are at their worst. This presence will come to you and wrap you in the love. Then you will find that it was there with you all the time.

Even in the times of your life when things seem dark inside, you will find that it was always there. It is the part that holds your thoughts and carries you through the day. It shows you all the choices that brought you to this time. You will be given grace to see that you were never alone. The grace will touch you through desperation and will fill you up inside. It will come to you when you are empty and when you have nothing left to give. It will show you that you choose to keep yourself alone. You will be given the knowledge to learn how to become the vessel for this love. It will pour into you and will flow out into your world.  If you keep it for yourself, you will not be able to get more. You will then be alone as you sit within your thoughts.

You are given grace from a source that only comes to you. The grace will come through gratitude that will build you into love. It will start when you are empty inside so that it can fill you up with love. A feeling will creep inside of you and make you question “how?” It will make the raindrops sparkle and then a rainbow will appear. The clouds will move aside in your mind and the sun will begin to shine. The love will come about the time you look into your eyes. You will know that something’s there as you feel the love. You will question how does it turn your darkest thoughts into the light of love?

Then the voice will speak to you like a whisper in your thoughts. The more you listen to this love the more will be revealed. You will know that grace is there and fills you up inside. You will question was it there all of this time? Did it come when you were desperate and did it just appear? Why were you chosen to feel such love that lies only in your mind? How do you show others that there is Something Greater that speaks to you inside? Then you will be told that it is up to you to take it out into the world.

At first you will look to someone else to tell you what to do. Then the voice will speak to you and tell you that all you need is right inside of you. You will then be told that you cannot keep it all for yourself. You cannot feel the grace that comes without the thought of giving it to those within your world. You will question if you are good enough to show it to anyone else. Then the voice will tell you that you are here right where you stand as the vessel for this love. You were made just for this task and it is up to you. You are the action behind the grace that comes from an unseen world.

It will touch your thoughts that start with a feeling that you cannot explain. The grace will touch your thoughts inside that will bring you gratitude. You will feel the part of you that was always there. That is when you will know that the grace waited for this day. You will see that it was always there as it speaks to you inside your world. It may show up as the beauty from a flower that you see. The colors will glow within your eyes as the grace shines into your thoughts. You will want to share this knowledge that was given to only you.

Everyone will have the choice to feel the grace inside. It will start the day you seek for the gratitude within your life. It will come through your desperation as you seek for Something Greater. The grace will be the force that touches you from an unseen world. This force will reach inside of you and place the grace inside your heart. It will spread from your heart and go straight into your feelings. The thoughts you hold will catch a drift of the feelings that it will bring. Then your thoughts will become the words that you must speak into your world. The grace will start inside the window of your desperation.  You will be told that you have to share it with those who are in need. Something Greater will give you words through a touch of grace. No words will be able to explain what you feel inside. 

The grace waits for all to empty their thoughts to experience another world. It is a language that Something Greater will speak to only you. Grace will come like a hand full of love and will whisper inside your heart. It will come to only you and will not make a sound. You will have to make a choice as you sit within the misery of your mind. Do you empty all your thoughts and see what you will find? Do you deny the existence of your creator that can show you a different world?

You have the choice to create what you want right within your mind. The grace will come about the time that you seek for something more. The grace will come and touch your darkest spot inside. It will shine the light of love and show you who you are. You will want this feeling to stay with you forever more. The grace will give you the knowledge that your creator comes to life right inside of you.

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