Monday, April 21, 2014

The Scale of Life

You create the moment by bringing your thoughts and feelings out into words.  The words will ring into your world and change the air.  The air will carry what you say and touch another’s ear.  The air will hold the feelings and thoughts inside the words.  If the words are mixed with hate the air will be strong.  The ear it touches will hear the anger in the words.

If you mix the air with love it will turn into a word that others will take as their own and spread across the land.  A time has come when everyone must listen to their words.  A day is coming where the words will bring you to a decision.

Do you create a world of love or a world of anger?  Whichever world you create the two must separate. The love cannot live with anger and all they mix into.  The angels’ inspirations will tell you what to do. 

The choice you hold is in a world that you cannot explain.  It is there in your head as you try to hide it.  The words may appear full of love until the thought is found.  That will be the day that this unseen world will shine.  The balance of the truth will shine on the scale of life. 

The time will come when it will shine in the form of justice.  All will see the truth inside as you start to glow.  You will shine a light so bright that others cannot hide.  Their words will then have to mix with the thought of love.  This mixture will blend into the world and change the air.  It will then touch the ear for others to hear. The scale of life will balance all and the time is near. 

Creation will be at work behind the scenes.  Then the day will come when the sun will shine upon your face. You will know it’s from a world that you cannot see.  The angels will inspire you to speak the words of truth.  The air will hold the scale up high as they balance your life. There will come a day when love will be only on one scale.  That will be the day you find the justice in your head. 

As the masses notice this the world will begin to shine.  All will separate into groups for the love that can be found.  Then the day will come when all will see the angels shine.  You will create a new world right inside your mind.  You can carry thoughts that come from which ever source you choose.  The scale of life will balance them for you.

Do you take the fear inside and leave it at the door?  Do you hear a voice inside that makes you feel the pain?  The scale of life will take these thoughts and you will want to scream.  How do you balance in your mind to bring you only love? The voice is strong and pulls inside to place it on a scale. Will you crawl onto the scale of love or will it be fear?

There will come a day when the two together touch you heart.  You will want to burst inside as you make a choice.  One will start to weigh so much that justice will appear.  It gives you love through words of truth that pulls the fear inside.  As the two go back and forth on the scale of life, there will come a time when love will only stand strong.  It will take the words into the air. You will create a whole new world right inside your mind. 

All will one day see this scale that starts within their thoughts. All will see the scale that shines across the land.  It already shows inside the masses that pretend it does not exists. It shows up in the children and in our government.  A time will come when justice will shine across the land.  All know it is near.  No one wants to face the truth but the pain will get so great.  The view is shown to everyone, the imbalance on the scale of life. 

A time will come when everyone will have to a stand up.  Do you dare to help the homeless man find his way?  Do you take the time to see the beauty in his eyes?  Do you see the spirit of the love that calls out your name?  Do you take the scale of life and find the love?

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