Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Light of Hate

The fallen angels are nearby trying to shine some light.  They pretend that they are what life is all about.  They try to show you thoughts that you think are full of love, then the light will shine on them and you will see the façade.  The love will really be hate and full of destruction.  How do you know when love is really full of hate? How do you see behind the words that are full of lies?  It will be in the eyes that shine as the words are spoken. You will see a sparkle in the eyes that say the words.  The light of love will shine a light that will bring a feeling of the truth.  The light of hate will make you question the words that are said to you. 

The time will come when the fallen angels will be seen.  It will start inside your thoughts that shine the light of love.  There is another light inside that brings a different thought.  The light of hate will bring you fear that you cannot explain. The hate may shine in others that really seem to care, the hate may come inside of you full of fear.

Then the day will come inside when you will know the truth, the hate inside will turn to sadness for all you use to think.  Then you will see that what you thought was love is really the façade of hate.  Hate will no longer be a feeling that you will want to hold.  The day you realize that the fallen angels have your thoughts, you will then be aware of a different world. The people that you once thought were full of love, now shine the light of hate.  As you see the love and hate that will then sit side by side, the love will take the hate inside and turn it upside down.  The fallen angels will then be seen for all the hate they are. Then you will take the hate inside and turn it into love. 

Those who appear as though they love will then shine the light of hate.  The love has taken their façade and shined the light of truth. You will then begin to see who they really are to you.  Their words will then become the sound that will help you understand the difference between the two.  Their eyes will shine their true intent when they speak to you.  You will find your love inside will force them to decide. Do they shine back to you with love or with the light of hate? 

As the two stand together there will come a time when the hate will have to stand up against the love.  Hate will have to make a choice.  Does it hide deep inside or does it turn to love?  Those who decide to keep the hate will have to separate from the love that shines so bright for all to see.  The light of hate will one day shine so everyone can see.  The fallen angels come to you in the façade of love. 

The day you understand the difference between the love and the hate, you will chose which you want to hold within your heart.  The hate will turn into a feeling that will manifest inside.  It will then show up as a sickness in your life.  The hate will then cause you physical pain.  The fallen angels will take your hate and slowly watch you fade. Your sickness will then be a form of hate that turned inside.  It will then take the pain and bring you more right before your eyes.  Do you want to take the hate and turn it into love?  Do you want to let it turn into a sickness that makes you want to fade away?  Do you even realize that it has turned to pain?  Does your head begin to hurt because of all the hate?

As you battle thoughts inside and try to decide, the love will take the hate you hold and make you want to cry.  How do you take the hate inside that now has made you sick and turn it into a love that will heal your pain?  Each time you hear a thought inside that fills you full of hate, remind yourself that the fallen angels whisper in your ear.  They are trying to make you think they are full of love.  They want to take all your thoughts and turn them into hate.  The light of love will shine inside with your true intent.  The love you hold will make the fallen angels go away.  Then your thoughts that shine on hate will turn into love.

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