Friday, February 7, 2014

To Give and To Take

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

The sun shined bright in the afternoon sky and looked at the world below.  He smiled with delight as he watched how the trees responded to his glow.  As he looked at a flower that was hidden in the shadows of a rock that blocked his rays, he could feel the flower seeking for his light and he wanted to touch it with the warmth that was held in each of his rays.  He could hear the flower far below crying for his help. The rock was so big that no matter what the sun did, it could not reach the flower.  Now the flower was cold in the shadows of the rock and felt so all alone.  It cried out in this darkness and withered at the roots as it searched for the rays of the sun.  The rock stood tall and knew that the flower was seeking for some light.  It did not care and didn’t want to share any of the rays of the sun.  As the sun watched the flower sitting in the dark, he became concerned.  He admired the rock and the strength that it had but knew it was blocking the flower.  The sun knew that the rock didn’t care if the flower's light was fading.  Then came the day that the sun shined his rays and made the rock burn.  As the rock became smaller and burned in the sun, it yelled, “Why would you do such a thing?”  The sun smiled back and said to the rock, “You stood so proudly for so long and would not share my light. The flower would cry and you would pretend not to hear that it needed your help.  I patiently waited for you to help the flower find some light, but as your pride covered the cries of the flower and I could no longer allow it”.  As the sun shined bright in the sky and the rock turned to ash, the flower began to glow in the light and smiled at the sun, “I tried for so long to bask in your light but was shadowed by this rock.  I did not think you knew I was there in the shadows seeking for your touch.  I did not give up hope and cried every day as I began to wither away.  Then to my wondering eyes did appear the flames that you placed upon the rock”.  With love in his heart the sun looked down upon the flower so small and said that he always saw him, “I would never allow the rock to prevent you from showing your beauty to everyone.  I wanted to see if the rock would give up his pride and find the joy of giving inside.  The rock had a choice and chose to deny the light to shine upon you.  Without my light your beauty was denied the ability to glow for others.  Your beauty was planned on the day you were born and must be given to all who will notice.  I am the light for all of the land and no one can take it away.  Those who attempt to keep my light from others will find that my rays will become like a fire.  As they block the light from those who seek it, my rays will burn into them, just like the rock.  My light was created by something even greater than I can understand.  For those who think they can stop my light from shining will find that they are the ones who are not wanted in the land . As I give to you, it is important to know that you must give it to others.  If you only take with nothing in return, there will come a day when my light will touch upon you with such heat that you will burn just like the rock. That will be the day that you will know you became selfish and would not share what you hold.. I will patiently wait to see if you learn that you must give to others, if the day comes that you allow someone else to wither as the rock did you, I will have to intervene and ensure that my light is shared with others.  So remember to love and give my light away as I watch from above.  I give to you and you take what I give and share it with others.  Something Greater is there and watching my task of helping you find the light, this power will know if any one of us block my rays that prevents someone from shining to others”.   

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