Friday, May 1, 2020

Channeling the Higher Realms

To allow the higher realms to connect with the body for communication takes practice. First you will need to pick an area in the home to go to everyday to develop a relationship. The energy in that area will become strong and the connection will become effortless. Try to sit in the same space every day. Close the eyes and say a mantra at least 3 times. “I invoke the angels of light, love and healing” is utilized often. Take three deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. With each breath out, say the name of the spirit or spirits you would like to interact with during the session. Archangel Michael, Jesus, Buddha, the Council or Archangel Raphael are just a few to choose from.

Visualize all the thoughts being pushed to the side. Visualize all the emotions being turned into love. See the white light of purity shining through the crown chakra and going into the mind’s eye. Feel this light move into the throat and down into the heart. See the connection go from the heart and into the soul that is right beside the heart. Feel the spirit spread through the body and allow this energy to speak through you. Do not question if it is real. Speak the feelings that this energy brings. Let the spirit announce its presence and speak the words that they are with you. Remind yourself that you are a multi-dimensional being and can connect to all worlds and all realms. Allow the higher realms to help you ascend into the knowing that you are an eternal being and do not need to live in fear or suffering any longer. Bring the knowing out into this time and see how the body, the mind, the earth and even the universes form into perfection.

You can see this happening in the mind’s eye. As you speak out into the space you sit, get comfortable with the idea that the spirit knows your thoughts. Be aware that your worries and anxiety will be added into the mix of the energy if you do not cleanse the body and mind before beginning the session. To allow the spirit to speak through you will require an open and willing mind. To allow the words to flow will start with welcoming those you seek by name or visualization. To see the higher realms looking down upon you to speak through you is the beginning of the interaction.

Once you feel the connection and allow the spirit to speak through you, the words will begin to flow with ease. Practice everyday and record what you say to reflect on the conversations that occur. You will begin to notice a change in your appearance and the way you interact with others. There will not be anything specific that will be different but the essence of what you carry within you will project into your world.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

The Body is the Vessel

To know the soul while in human form is what all seek. To connect with the power that provides life and know that through this power there is ever lasting life is the ultimate experience. Once the soul is awakened and you shift your perceptions from the body to the soul, the human experience changes forever more. The essence of what you are made from separates you from all the negativity that surrounds you. You can then see that you are a part of everything and everyone. You become the soul having a human experience. You become the raindrops in the storm. You become the rays of the sun rising through the clouds. You become the reason the bird is singing in the trees.

The ability to feel these sensations and to rise above the body, yet know the body is thevessel for greatness just as the sun needs to shine for life, brings forth the understanding that you are not small and insignificant in this body. You play an important role while in human form.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

What the Virus Symbolizes In the Spiritual War

The uncertainty of these times brings a mass level of fear. This emotion covers the planet as the unseen sickness sweeps the planet. This virus has been created to ensure those who are rising above the fear are held in doubt. The essence of who those in the light are made from is shining above this mass level of fear. In the Twilight, just above the fear, the seal is broken. The attempts to keep those in the light in bondage are failing. These are the times anticipated to activate the warrior inside. Many are falling back within their hearts and minds during this unveiling. This is only the beginning as those in the dark grasp on to control out of their own fears. It is a time of change as all truths rise to the surface. The illusions are filled with anxiety and uncertainty.

 As the dark forces grasp on to the need for control, take this opportunity to build your faith into the knowing. This knowing calls to you when the feeling of despair is the strongest. Your final test for activation is here as you walk through your day and see the chaos in the outside view. You will begin to feel this knowing rise to the surface in your words and through the eyes. The urgency intertwines within your knowing that this virus symbolizes the final days in the Twilight. You know that you cannot hide in the uncertainty any longer.

To know or not to know brings you to the place that you must speak your truth. Something Greater is here and it works within the thoughts and emotions. As you allow this power to move inside of you, the transformation is felt and seen within the eyes. The time of visions and wonders are here. Your transformation has been planned before you were born into this body. You will feel it grow and then the knowing will set your body up for this transformation. All you have prepared for is put to the test that you create for yourself.

The knowing comes within the coding. This is found within your numbers. You forgot what you were counting for. Each new year brings you closer to the unveiling. Do not think of what others say. You have a mission in this time period. We are guiding you on the path to win this war. Yes, it is a war and as we try to work with you to communicate what is coming, we help you present the information in a way that others will understand so they can take it as their own. You are adjusting to our frequencies and it makes the body feel as though you're going to go to sleep at any moment.

Visualize the information coming through the mind's eye as a white light. It seeps into the heart and communicates through the stomach. You can visualize the white light go through the crown chakra and into the third eye. As it seeps into the throat chakra a burning sensation will occur as you speak the words that we give to this dimension. Each of you receive different messages based upon where you are in your ascension.  Know that if you are reading or hearing this message, you are being activated if you have not already begun to awaken. Feel us move through the body to bring you the knowing that you are eternal and will always be a part of the Creator of All. You cannot be anywhere else but with the Creator. You take this knowing into human form and fight for all those that came before you and for those that will come after you.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

ETs, Walk-Ins, the Virus, Time Lines & More Questions

This is a channeling session that needed to be shared. The last few minutes are filled with a wealth of information. Please listen to this with an open mind.  

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

In the Name of Creation

The energies are pulsating at such a fast pace all feel the shift in consciousness. A restlessness rises just below the surface as all try to grasp the feelings that cannot yet be articulated. When you sit still for long enough, you can sense it in the stomach. It radiates up into the throat and many are having headaches as they repress these emotions

Everyone is going about their busy days pretending that nothing is different, yet the irritability silently flows through the body. It comes in waves just like the waves in the ocean as it leaves just as fast as it presents itself.

The body is trying to pick up the pace to keep up with the vibrations. The only relief comes when allowing the body to recognize the sensations. Then is when the relief turns into anxiety as the body senses a presence that can be felt just outside of your vision. The shadows are seen as you stretch the eyes upward as far as they will go. You know you are not alone yet there is nothing tangible to prove a presence is there yet cannot be seen. The more you become aware of it, the louder you can hear the soft voice whispering that you should have no expectations and you should heed the first thought that enters the mind. Is this your voice or is it something outside of yourself? How does it know what to say to you to bring a heightened sense of the moment?  How does it give you information that you cannot know on your own?

The levelsof awareness are blending into the web of all thoughts as even those with no beliefs take notice. This level brings one into a realm where all thoughts live. The challenge is which type of thoughts do you choose to entertain the mind with at any given time?

 The forms of thoughts that swirl around even attach onto the body to blend into a flow of energy in the name of creation. Positive and negative thoughts have the same task. All energy is conscious and has a purpose. This purpose it to grow in the name of creation. When we allow these energies to enter the thoughts, we are giving them permission to grow. Afterall, creation cannot be defined as bad or good as it all flows from love and ultimately into love.