Wednesday, February 26, 2020

In the Name of Creation

The energies are pulsating at such a fast pace all feel the shift in consciousness. A restlessness rises just below the surface as all try to grasp the feelings that cannot yet be articulated. When you sit still for long enough, you can sense it in the stomach. It radiates up into the throat and many are having headaches as they repress these emotions

Everyone is going about their busy days pretending that nothing is different, yet the irritability silently flows through the body. It comes in waves just like the waves in the ocean as it leaves just as fast as it presents itself.

The body is trying to pick up the pace to keep up with the vibrations. The only relief comes when allowing the body to recognize the sensations. Then is when the relief turns into anxiety as the body senses a presence that can be felt just outside of your vision. The shadows are seen as you stretch the eyes upward as far as they will go. You know you are not alone yet there is nothing tangible to prove a presence is there yet cannot be seen. The more you become aware of it, the louder you can hear the soft voice whispering that you should have no expectations and you should heed the first thought that enters the mind. Is this your voice or is it something outside of yourself? How does it know what to say to you to bring a heightened sense of the moment?  How does it give you information that you cannot know on your own?

The levelsof awareness are blending into the web of all thoughts as even those with no beliefs take notice. This level brings one into a realm where all thoughts live. The challenge is which type of thoughts do you choose to entertain the mind with at any given time?

 The forms of thoughts that swirl around even attach onto the body to blend into a flow of energy in the name of creation. Positive and negative thoughts have the same task. All energy is conscious and has a purpose. This purpose it to grow in the name of creation. When we allow these energies to enter the thoughts, we are giving them permission to grow. Afterall, creation cannot be defined as bad or good as it all flows from love and ultimately into love.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Stages of the Awakening

To know that the outside view is the reflection of the inside you begins a new journey for the spiritual warrior. How do you interpret the people, places and things that you see during the day as messages for what is going on inside of you down to the soul level? How does the rain turn into a reflection of the sadness that you feel? When looking from the soul’s perspective, the holographic illusion brings all that is needed for learning out into physical form. When experiencing an angry person, for example, the question on the soul level is what part of you is angry to bring such an experience out for review. How do we turn this type of experience into something to learn from?

During such encounters, it will be helpful to stop listening to the person who is speaking to you out of anger. If possible, remove yourself from the situation. Close your eyes and remind yourself that you only have control of your reactions in this situation. Take a deep breath and breathe in light, love and healing. Visualize the part of you that needs healing. Pause and only try to communicate when the emotions are under control and the words that are spoken are helpful.

We are in a shift that is causing intense energies to mix within us for rapid growth. The higher realms are cheering us on. The lower realms are in fear of losing our light as their source for survival. If we do not focus on fearful thoughts, the energy that creates these types of entities will eventually no longer exist. As we look at this concept from an even higher level, if we are creating our reality, we will be changing our entire world by not feeding the lower energy levels our negative emotions. We are here to learn how to work with the energies of thoughts and emotions to create. This planet is our school ground to take what we feel into our thoughts for creation. We create our reality and all we experience is a product of what we think and feel. Even in the worst of experiences, we are learning. How can we know what love is without experiencing what it is not?

We are programmed from an early age to live in fear. We are taught that we have no power and must follow the rules in a society that determines how we think and what we do in life. Religions, politics, education and even the family structure forms our belief system with no room for diversity. When we question why we believe the way we do, these institutions fight back through the masses. We are ridiculed for exploring the unknown and the possibilities that these doors can open. Confusion causes us to think we are mentally ill, or we will go to a place with fire and brimstone because we are going against the mainstream views.

When the emotions become so fragmented and the thoughts just cannot take another thought, a feeling of desperation is experienced. This period is the darkest hour right before the dawn. When sitting in the dark filled with desperation is when the soft voice from the higher realms can be heard. Some call this experience the dark night of the soul. Everyone experiences this when they realize that they are not alone. Once the light from the higher realms is discovered, we are changed forever more. The spiritual war begins in this phase of development as the soul tries to uncover all the lies that have bound the mind and body for many lifetimes. Once freed from the fear, creation can occur with inspirations from multiple dimensions. We can then explore how powerful we really are.

Those that hold the power over this matrix will be watching as you awaken and will bring many illusions into your experiences to keep you in fear. The struggle for serenity through this process will be great. You will go back and forth within your mind and heart. You may doubt if what you feel is true and question the thoughts you have regarding the higher realms and if they exist. Then a knowing will come that you are not alone.

Once you reach this stage, everything will be a message to you. Sadness, anger, fear and hate will bring experiences that impact your perception of the world around you. Even the sun will look dark when experiencing such emotions. Then the day will come when you will realize that what you feel comes before what you think on the soul level. This awareness will open the third eye for the knowledge that you create the experiences you have during the day based upon how you feel. The realization that every thought, every word, every feeling and every action creates your next experience brings you into a stage where everything from the inside is projected into the outside view. The soul waits in this holographic illusion for the opportunity to teach the body and mind how the feelings lead into the thoughts to project out into the world. Once this is understood, the excitement for everyday living begins. Creation becomes a mission in the name of humanity. There is no more fear, no more pain, no hate and everything to gain.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

2020-The Other Side of the Veil Shines Through

We only have what we believe that guides us through each day. How do we know which way to go without the belief in who we are? The time is here when all we thought we were is fading away. The truth of what we are about is seeping inside. Some cannot handle the thought of more than what we see. They need the proof of what science says we are. History reflects so many things that do not have answers. The chaos that this planet shows tells us there is more.

How do we do our daily tasks and know that there is more? Look within the making of the moment and you will find the clues. The answers lie within your heart that connects within the thoughts. Together you will find that there is more than you have been taught. We come from another place and this body is only being used for a short time. The essence of who we are lives beyond this space.

The matrix is in overload as the higher frequencies lift the veil. Even what we see is changing as the truth reflects behind the veil. The upcoming year is the beginning as the truths are revealed. Do not listen to the words, look into the eyes. The power of the truth will show you what is real. Be cautious as you seek. You will find what you already knew but could not bring yourself to accept. The year of 2020 will uncover the disguises that are being worn. Those who wear the costumes may not even know that they are the vessel for this unveiling.

Your heart may begin to beat faster as you find these words seeping into the core of your being. The whispers are getting louder as you feel the body changing. If you are hearing these words, your frequency is rising to bring you to this message. The universes are watching in anticipation as you awaken to the truth in this upcoming year. We are seeping into your thoughts as you continue to fight with the possibility that this is your imagination.

We are just outside of your eyesight as our sound resonates into your soul. You feel the pressure as the soul tries to release the chains from lifetime after lifetime of repression. When you know the truth of your control the grieving can begin so you can heal. Empowerment comes with your truth so do not fear this process. You will be capable of greatness once the soul is unbound. You came here for this experience to release the karma and transform into the light body. To rise into the heavens as you transform the soul is what all long to do. The fears of not being loved leaves as you awaken to this understanding. With no fear, there will be no control.

We reach inside your heart and mind to help you unleash your bondage. There is no stopping this cleansing. You planned this time and are being activated for this awakening. The year of 2020 will be like the eye of a hurricane. You will see all the chaos swirling around you as you sit calmly in the eye. Many will not be able to physically withstand the changes. You will see young hearts that stop for no reason. You will see many deaths from diseases that eat away at the body as the emotions turn physical. You will see many who will kill themselves and others as this unveiling occurs. You are the chosen to stand strong in the eye of the hurricane.

The year of 2020 is the time of truths. The other side of the veil is now reflecting into your world. All will experience it, and many are not ready. It will be up to each of you to serve the masses. You cannot get through this upcoming year alone. Mother Earth is bringing you all that you need. Your task is to stay in the Now and feel the knowing that all is supposed to occur this way. Acceptance without approval may be needed. All generations are bound inside of you and all lifetimes will be revealed. As the frequencies rise, your memories of all you have been will come to the surface. The year of 2020 is the time to face your truth as the other side of the veil shines through.

Friday, November 22, 2019

How the Soul Grows

The vibration of the soul brings forth the power from the spirit. This connection intertwines with the consciousness that integrates the mind and body. This combined power forms into the creation where you sit. The higher realms see the colors you make based upon the frequency you radiate into the Whole of All. Many are forming into the colors for expansion that reflects out into the Milky Way. It is an exciting time as all the universes watch this section of the galaxy create light rays that have never been seen before.

As your frequency rises, the refraction of light that illuminates your current body shifts into the higher fields of colors. It is like when you shine a flashlight into the darkness to show shadows that emerge within the light’s reflection. The objects that reflect the shadows are not the shadows, but merely the outline of the objects that are positioned somewhere else. Your body is the outline of your over-soul that shines from a higher position. You are the shadow of this creation. The over-soul cannot expand further without your growth. Your current density determines the rays of light the over-soul can reflect. As you consciously rise and form your frequency into the shapes needed for this growth, the over-soul can then expand into the higher realms to ultimately provide you with the knowledge for your further creation.

The knowledge is obtained through the rays of light that reflect within the darkness. Creation begins within this darkness as the light rays form through sound. Once the sound vibrates at specific frequencies, the light rays gather the knowledge needed for the expansion of creation. The over-soul needs you just like the flower needs water. It cannot grow without you. As the over-soul gathers further knowledge within the light rays, it must share this knowledge with the soul to continue the path towards the reunification with the Creator of All.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

All Souls Feel the Shift

The spirit is present like never before as the planet vibrates at some of the highest levels ever recorded. The normal rate that the planet resonates is at 7.83hz. This year it had readings as high as 150hz (Edward Morgan). One may feel it caressing the body upon awakening or when in a twilight sleep. The changes are more noticeable to those that are seeking. When looking at others, the soft whispers of their struggles, their hopes, their futures and their pasts are all wrapped up and made visible in that moment. All lives lived are bursting out into view as the veil melts away like the icicle in the morning sun. The hologram humans are living within is reflecting the light that holds all knowledge for this quickening that is shifting all forms inside. When darkness surrounds others, it is casting the shadows of the lower realms that they have not yet integrated into the present moment. All are feeling this shift, yet few are embracing or understanding what it means. All souls came for this experience yet have become comfortable with their current lives and have forgotten why they are here. As a result, traumatic events must occur to wake everyone from this dream state.

The other realms are reaching into this planet to help with the shift that is occurring. Many are hearing the whispers, feeling the frequencies rising, seeing the shadows and smelling the presence of these other realms. Few understand what is happening as those within the other realms try to communicate through all the senses in attempts to guide everyone through this transition. The human body is multi-dimensional and as it shifts into the higher realms, the mind is trying to grasp on to any logical explanations for experiences that are beyond understanding. Many are trying to pretend they do not hear the voices inside the thoughts, smell the smells coming from the other realms or see the sights that are reflecting other worlds. Those who are acknowledging the shift on the planet are finding the inability to keep up with the information that is seeping into the mind and body. There are no words for the experiences that are happening daily. How do you tell someone that you see their future, feel their physical pain, see those who have died or know things because you hear the information in whispers? All are having such experiences, and many are looking the other way in hopes they will not occur another day.

Some are seeing the energies that are bringing the current conscious state of existence onto this planet. These energies look like waves within the wind. Colors that have never been seen are now present. Some of these colors even radiate around the body. They are the reflection of what lies within. The power that makes these colors come from the soul that is ignited by the spirit. The spirit flows into the soul and, depending upon how much fear the soul is encased within, brings forth these colors that come from the emotions. The consciousness that is flowing through even the wind is carried by the spirit and those that receive this power are chosen by the over-soul. The over-soul gets orders from the Creator of All and carries them out in the name of creation. The colors that radiate from the body helps the Creator determine who is ready for more knowledge. Those who are chosen receive insights into the other realms for creation that they cannot know without the power of grace. The spirit brings forth the knowledge through grace. The over-soul channels the power based upon the experiences the individual souls seek for growth. It is like a web where all is connected, and each can access the information from every direction. The soul is connected through the center of the web. The amount of fear or love one holds in the emotions determine what type of information the mind and body can hold. The soul is like a seed that is planted in the ground. The spirit is like the effect water has on a seed; it nourishes the body and determines how much the soul will or will not grow.

This planet is now vibrating at a pace that is waking all souls. It is like a bear waking from a long winter’s nap. All souls are shifting like the change from winter into summer. It is a dramatic shift that is by passing spring and fall. It is not something that one can say, “there it is”. It is to be lived. All came for this experience. All souls feel the shift.