Monday, February 20, 2017

Your Thoughts Are Not You Own

I have reach into my thoughts to hear all thoughts at times and find the level of this understanding difficult to put into words. This is how I view the world of thoughts.

The Driver's Seat for the Soul

The nigh I discovered my third eye was a story within itself. This is my interpretation of what the third eye is........

Clean House and Love Self

As I continue to work the twelve step program this entry is my interpretation of how I keep my heart and mind pure so my God will want to live inside.

Monday, November 7, 2016

The Land

“By the same word the present heavens and earth are reserved for fire being kept for the Day of Judgment and destruction of the ungodly. But do not forget this one thing dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years are like a day.”  2 Peter 3:7

The day you find this world inside it will take all you used to be and turn it into a whole new world like the forest after a fire. One small flower will be seen at first that comes from all the destruction inside. The land that lies inside of you is gradually building into this day. As your thoughts of Something Greater comes and burns into the fear you hold, the glimmer of the hope inside will bring a whole new world.

The time will seem as though it took forever, yet as the love pours inside, you will feel the rush of power. You will realize that you always held it inside. The land will look as though it’s dark right where you stand, then the flower will appear and your new world will begin. With each thing that brought you madness, you will look again. You will find that all you went through brought this whole new land. All the sorrow that destroyed you will become the part of you that will bring you all the love.

With each time you look inside at all the fear you hold, you will see the piece of love that brought this whole new land. As the fire burns inside and destroys all your fears, the land that stands before you will become a whole new world. You will look at all you have done in a whole new way. The colors will appear for you right within the view. All the darkness that you see will sparkle with all the love.

The day you find that you are not alone within your thoughts, you must look inside to figure it all out. With each time you judge yourself and all that you believe, you must shine the love to bring you to your knees.

It is not a task you can do all by yourself. You must seek for others that believe in who you are. The land inside will have to reach the edges right within your mind. You will find another world. All you think that you have destroyed will become new.

It can only happen if you believe in Something Greater. You will have to surrender to a world you cannot see. The land inside will become a dream. The day is coming when you will not be able to hide. The fire comes inside of you to clear the thoughts you hold. Once the land is destroyed by the fire you have found, all the thoughts of Something Greater will bring a whole new land.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Battlefield

The force of evil comes to you right inside your fear. It takes your thoughts and twists them into words that you will hear. It will take the light of love and turn it into a storm. This force will crawl inside your loved one and make you hate the world. It knows your darkest thoughts and sees inside your soul. It knows what you desire and makes you question “more?” Even on the days you feel at peace within your thoughts, it will twist the truth you hold and turn it into a lie.

You cannot under estimate this force that knows what you believe. It will smother all your thoughts and make you wish to die. It answers by many names and comes inside your dreams. It makes you think that your world is dark and will fill you full of hate.

There is a force that wants your anguish to empty you inside. When you learn that this force is real right inside your mind, you will become aware of a world that will make you seek for love. The only way to fight this force is to find the love you hold. The day you feel this force inside, you must seek for Something Greater. The love will free your thoughts of fear for all you are today. The love will shine into the fear that makes you want to hide.

You must view your thoughts inside as a war within your mind. You must put an armor on when you have the thoughts of fear. The shield of hope and faith is there with the sword of honesty. The serenity will gallop by like a horse that will bring you peace. That will be the day you become a warrior within your mind.

The force of evil will try to take the anguish that you feel and bring destruction to any thoughts of love that you may hold. It will bring a feeling of hate and misery inside. When this force comes to you, your thoughts will fight inside the darkness. The fear will take any love and try to make it hide. The light of love will not be seen as you look for peace. This force will reach inside your heart and shred the thoughts of love.   It will take any love that hides inside your heart and it will place an arrow right into the middle. The force of evil comes when you are sick and feel alone. It will bring you thoughts of hate and all this feeling holds. The more you hate the world around you the more this force will grow. It will be in the shadows and will cover any love that you may find. It will twist your world around and tell you that you do not matter. It will make you think that no one cares for you.

The day you are at your worst is when this force will be strong. It will take your fear inside and suffocate your thoughts. Some of you will feel as though this force has taken over. It will make you think that you do not have any control within your life. It will even make you sick and make your body weak. It will come in many forms to bring you to your knees.

No matter what you have done or what you think inside, this force will tell you there is no use to try and find the love. In your desperation is when Something Greater comes to you. This force will know that if you seek inside your desperation, the love will come to you in the form of gratitude. The more you seek for Something Greater the more this force will fight. Your mind will become a battle field as you search for peace. When you feel the desperation Something Greater will be there. It will be waiting to bring you love to show you a different world. Through the anguish that lies inside all you think you have done, a feeling of humility will bring you to your knees.

As the force of evil speaks through every one you love, you will hear a sound inside that will bring you peace. The love will come to you when you are at your worst. The love will shine inside the fear and tell you who you really are. No one else will hear a thing, it will only come to you.

The love will take your desperation and turn it into hope. The hope will bring the faith to you with all that you believe. The hope will come from something you will see inside your day. The hope and faith will become a shield to hold up high as you stand in the middle of the battlefield right within your mind. It will form inside the gratitude for all you are today. When you discover that Something Greater was always on the battlefield that started in your heart, the force of evil will tell you lies and make you feel alone. The force of evil will make you question if what you hear is true. The force of evil will make you think that nothing matters as it sits inside your fear. Even when you feel the love on the days you are at your worst, this force will make you question “Why?” Once you hold the shield of hope and faith because of what you feel, the sword of honesty will come to you to shred the thoughts that lie. That will be the day you feel serenity inside. Like a horse that gallops around you, the love will bring you peace.

As you stand in the middle of the battlefield right within your thoughts, Something Greater will say hello within the view you see. That will be the day you find the battlefield is in the thoughts you hold.