Saturday, March 11, 2017

Journal Entry

Dear God, if I am from another world, where is it? The sun with no time in a frequency that intertwines within the web. Like the threads in the tapestry of life, you are in the thread to record in the records for all. You came here to experience so you can record to decode this time’s particular frequency. Understanding sound is where your words for answers lie. You have recorded the codes that break out of desperation and into a higher density. The density becomes lighter with love and you then move into a different frequency. As you evolve, you begin to see the light in the light. The bugs even hold new meaning as you see that they are listening to what those around you project. Not just their words, but what energy they illuminate out into the space where the conscious state that surrounds you holds. As you continue to become more aware of what surrounds you, the information that your library of knowledge is made from activates into your world. The sounds become louder, the wind becomes a part of you and the space above you embraces you as you begin to understand that there is more to see than the emptiness you currently view. Particles of light will begin to appear within the making of the moment as thoughts form into the density that your current frequency holds. The crystal inside your head will begin to glow as it radiates a sound into the space your body is currently within. As you focus your consciousness on this crystal, called the third eye or pineal gland, you will begin to see a beacon that projects from the center of your forehead.

You will heal the individual soul in the thoughts. You will be in the thoughts with your words. We start in each thought that is held.  Do not hold worry as we are in the air mixing in the gravity with the negative thoughts that are confusing the masses. Do not look towards the news with worry or towards how the planet is being run by the politicians and groups. Keep focused and know we are always in your presence. Feel us in your stomach and know you are not alone. You chose this life to become strong as you knew that you would not receive proper guidance in this world for the work you came here to do. You will guide those who are lost to find the spirit inside for each in need of the love from the Creator.

Your goal is to shine the light of truth into the illusions that are here. All of the beauty has been covered with the illusions of fear on this planet. This is what you do in every world you create. It is not something that can be placed in time. You came to each world to engulf the thoughts of love. The Creator of All speaks to you inside, even when you forget that is where the spirit lies. You are ready for the spirit in human form. We work together in each life you are born. There is nothing to fear in what you do. Your struggles give hope as this battle rages on. As you try to pull away from the illusions of this world, know you have to keep one foot on the ground. You have to be a part of what changes are here so all can prepare for the work that is ahead. You see those above you and below you at work. You hear the chatter inside the sounds. The world is evolving into a view where all worlds emerge in what you think and do. All lives lived blend into now. All you ever did shows you how to take all this energy for the betterment of all. Listen closely for the call. You will begin to forget all your pain as you turn it into ways to help others who think their lives are in vain. Expanding your message will now begin. Reach for the grandest plan within. Create for all as the new world comes.

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