Thursday, June 12, 2014

You are not alone

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If you look into a bush and see the flower that it holds, you will find the butterfly that is busy at work.  Then the bee will show up for you and you will begin to see.  There is a world that is always there right in front of your eyes.  Then you will look into the air and know that you are not alone.  You will learn that there is an unseen world right in front of you.  The more you look, the more you will see and it will sparkle for you.  Then the colors will turn so bright and the sounds will become very loud.  It will all slow down and then you will feel this unseen world inside.  The wind will blow upon your face and it will touch your skin.  You will then find the part of you that makes you go within.  You will feel it in the air and you will breathe it in.  You will hold it in your lungs and it will go to your head.  The waves will come inside your mind, then you will hear this world.


It will sing inside the bird and in the dog that barks.  It will come inside your head and go straight to your feelings.  Then this world will touch your heart and you will know that it is there.  What do you do with the thought that now brings you to this world?  How do you find the way to bring it out into your day?  Each thought you hold that tells you more will make you want to listen.  You will have to speak the words that tell you what to do.  This world inside will speak to you in many ways.  The subtle things at first you will see as it tells you that you are not alone.  You will have a choice as you listen to the sounds inside your head.  The sounds are different for the love that you will find within.  The fear will have to be the first of feelings that you will hold.  Once you sit inside your mind and listen all alone, the sounds will tell you who you are today.  You can choose to be alone with all that sits in your thoughts.  You will have a world that comes to you and speaks inside the fear.


Once you hear the sounds inside, the voice can then be heard.  It will tell you that you are not alone.  Once you feel the sound inside, it will make you see.  How all the world you hold before you is made for you alone.  As you feel this world inside, a thought will come to you.  Do you listen to this sound and search for something more?  Once the fear opens to this sound that you will hear inside, the thought will come that you are here. right where you stand today.  Do you choose to be alone? Do you listen to the sound that tells you that that there is another world? 


The love will come inside this sound as you sit in the fear.  It will ring inside the echo that makes you feel alone.  You will question who you are and all you think about today.  The thoughts will come that will tell you not to believe in the magic that will appear.  The thoughts will come each time you think that maybe there is Something Greater that brings these moments to you. 


You will think that there is more and question what does that mean to you?  The more you question in your mind, the more will be revealed.  As you seek for something more, the answers will come from within.  You will then see the clues that will be hidden within your view.  The power of this part of you that can then be found, will show you how to believe in a world that only you can hold.  The magnitude of this knowledge will make you understand, if you listen to what is found you will create a different world.


The outside view will then be turned inside-out for all that you hold today.  That is when you will find that you are not alone.  You will not understand what this really means to you at first.  You will find that if you do what you are told to do, this world will show up as a clue right within your view. 


The day will come when you will realize, the more faith you hold in what you are told will turn into the belief of that which cannot be seen.  The faith will be found in the hope that you have because of what you see.  The magic will come as you take the hope you have and your thoughts will become your view.  As the hope and the faith turn into the belief that you could not have found alone, you will then know that as you look within this world, it was with you all along.  That is the day that you will discover, you were never alone in your thoughts.   



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