Monday, February 3, 2014

The Veil

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

The curtain between the spirit world and the physical world becomes thinner.  The spirit sees all.  The physical world only sees that which the spirit allows.  The veil will be lifted through your emotions and thoughts.  If you are filled with fear, only darkness will emerge.  With pure intentions through your desperation and humility, you will see glimpses of a language within your world that, at first, will be difficult to understand.  You will be given views that will seem as though they are just coincidences.  With each passing day, the symbolism behind the occurrences will come forth and make you question your sanity.  If you listen, you will hear the voice inside that verifies that what you see is from Something Greater.  From the creation of this world, these moments were spoken.  From our beginning, we accepted each mission with the knowing that each level of awareness would bring us one step closer to the unity of all worlds.  As we lift the veil and see behind the mask that was created for our growth, the truth shines through.  All is relevant.  Look to your world, for the messages that will be many and can be overwhelming.  No one will have your answers.  What you seek lies within you for your understanding only.  Your life is a life that only you can interpret, therefore, your messages are for you alone.  As Something Greater dwells in you and helps you clean out the crevices, all inside will glimmer in the light.  You will find that what use to look like a flower holds new meaning as you welcome Something Greater into the experience.  Each time you welcome Something Greater into your thoughts, your experiences will change.  As the spirit intertwines within your thoughts and emotions, you will understand that you are participating in something beyond your comprehension.  Your day will be full of mystery with even the rays of sunshine holding a piece of new found knowledge for you.  The old will blend with the new and the mixture will create a yearning for more.  Just like the prophets have written, so too shall your words come to pass.  Once spoken, all will accept the truth.  The spirit world opens the curtains.  Those who have accepted the knowledge from Something Greater will understand and remember it was supposed to occur this way.  Those who live in fear will only see the horrors of the spirit world that emerges.  This time has been anticipated since the beginning and with your free will, choice of which spirit emerges into your reality is yours alone. 

Enjoy the Trip

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

Each time we scatter on our way to get to the next place, person and thing we are to do, we get one step closer to the realization that we just keep doing “more”.  One day some of us will wake up and see that the moment has been missed.  With each moment that we forget, the trip becomes about the next thing, place or person we are to go.  Our thoughts and feelings become confused as we push away the moment.  Confusion causes our feelings to become uncertain.  With uncertainty, dark thoughts emerge as our fears take over.  We lose our connection to Something Greater as we become preoccupied with fear.  If we look at the moment,  we will allow our thoughts and feelings to balance so we can gain new knowledge that Something Greater will bestow upon us.  We will then allow our self the opportunity to hear the little voice inside our head that speaks to us through the world around.  As we begin to notice the beauty that starts to reflect back to us, the world will start speaking all around.  As we notice what lies before us, we will find that each time we listen to what is being said, we will hear the answer inside our head.  With each time we see a stranger that seems to smile back at us, another piece of Something Greater shines through.  With each time we feel the blessings from the falling rain, we will hear the voice of Something Greater grow louder in our mind.  We will want to share this new found knowledge with everyone to learn.  With each person that understands our words, they will take a piece and make them as their own.  One day those of us who start to understand that Something Greater is inside of us, the world around will respond and we will be surprised.  We will find that as we seek for the bird up in the sky, it will fly by.  Then one day all the confusion will be gone and we will know the voice inside is Something Greater within our mind.  Each time we listen with interest, it will come through stronger with love.  All the anguish and all the pain that lies doormat within our thoughts will be released as we search for Something Greater.  We will want this feeling of love like never before.  We will find that to seek this new found joy, we will have to feel the love that brings the voice of Something Greater for change.  As we share with all who will listen to our words, Something Greater will spread across the land.  One day we will wake up and see nothing but the love and the world around us will want it too as they look towards us.  Then the day will come that our body will become old. As we look back on our life we will realize that each moment prepared us for the knowledge that the voice of Something Greater inside our head will live on even after our body is gone.  For those of us  seeking for Something Greater, the trip will continue into the unseen land that holds another view to see.  So as we go about our day, remember Something Greater shines through to prepare us for the next trip that all leads back to Something Greater.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Tree Called Hope

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

There once was a tree called Hope.  It stood beside a flower called Faith.  With each time Hope looked toward Faith, it was too small to see.  One day in the middle of winter, Hope stood cold and dark.  No sun was shining and the snow had covered the land.  This tree felt lonely and looked harder for the flower below.  The flower was covered in snow.  From the root of the tree called Hope came warmth for the flower called Faith as this tree longed for company.  As the root from the tree touched the root of the flower, the tree noticed that the land that was covered in snow around the flower began to melt.  With each time the root of Hope touched the root of Faith, more snow melted.  One day the snow was gone around the flower and Faith began to shine.  As the tree notice the flower shining so bright, he saw that more flowers began to emerge from the ground.  As Hope looked at all the flowers, he found that the feeling of loneliness began to fade.  One day, as the winter became the spring, the tree called Hope realized that the more of his roots that touched the flowers, the more the land around began to shine even brighter.  As Hope looked as far as he could see, the flowers were everywhere.  One day as the tree admired all these flowers, he realized that his roots were touching every one. 


** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

If you cannot identify when a relationship or connection with someone else is causing you to loose yourself in a negative way, you will encounter experience after experience with greater pain.  Some people develop a need to "numb out" as they avoid their reality and addictions occur at this stage.  As you continue staying connected to such pain with another or you avoid the reality that you have to change something in your life, you look for more ways to "numb out".  You have lost your purpose at this point in life and you have become preoccupied with every way not to think. You seek more of what helps you forget all your pain. At this stage, the only way to disconnect with such thoughts and feelings is through a traumatic experience.  It may take some people several traumatic experiences before they can realize that they are a separate entity and can make their own choices.  The feeling of hopelessness may occur.  When you feel no life and no meaning to anything, you reach a level of pain that is at it's greatest.  The anxiety alone will make it difficult to focus.  Some people cannot function or perform their everyday tasks.  Something Greater will be watching and trying to give you signs in your life that you are going down a dark path.  You will not be listening as you become obsessed with the need for your addiction.  It will take much strength to verbalize your thoughts and feelings and Something Greater will surround you with people and experiences to help you through your day.  The person who compliments you in the hallway may trigger the feeling that someone is listening.  With each new experience of this awareness, you will seek more.  You will realize that you cannot live without this feeling of needing Something "more".  You won't know what it is, but you will look outside of yourself to find it.  This is the beginning of your connection to Something Greater.  Verbalizing your thoughts will result in action around you.  The connection will "pull" you without realizing it.  You begin to have a motivation for something better in your life.  You will realize that you are tired of being tired and refuse to feel the pain any longer.  The desperation opens you to everything around you.  Something Greater sees that as the opportunity to reach out to you so the little voice inside can stir.  Desperation is needed for the realization of Something outside of yourself.  It activates the part of you that wants Something more out of your life.  You begin to see things at work around you, guiding you in a different direction.  You let go because your mind is so tired and you stop trying to understand it and just "go with it".  You are on auto pilot as you feel like you are floating through your day.  Ensure that you have found that one person that you are comfortable with to discuss your thoughts.  Once you verbalize your thoughts, you will find that things are not as bad as you thought. At this stage, remember Something Greater brought you together with this person to learn.  Keep in touch with what you feel and reflect on pain verses enjoyment.  You ultimately are responsible  to know what to surround yourself with for your growth in the physical world.  You have freewill. Something Greater will be watching and guiding you on your path.  Remind yourself that there is a current of situations that are flowing around  you that are a result of your past decisions and thoughts.  This is where you learn responsibility and discipline.  You must clean up your life so you can see the results of your connection with Something Greater.  You will wake up one day and realize that you want to feel all the things that brought you to this moment and the addiction will no longer be in the front of your mind.  You will find the path to Something Greater has lead you away from the feelings of "numbing out" and your new found desires for Something "more" has turned into a whole new You.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Wolf Called Creation

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

There once was a wolf called Creation.  He had many thoughts to share with the world.  He was small and scared of most everything he saw.  His mother would try and encourage him to go out into the world to explore.  Creation was afraid to speak what he thought and stayed in the shadows of fear.  One day while on the edge of the shore line, far at the mouth of the river, Creation saw a light that shined in the middle and he stood looking in wonderment.  It was almost dark out and he had to go home for dinner.  The light had colors that sparkled on the water and he wanted to see more.  He was afraid to venture out into the middle of the river, yet longed to go to where the light shined.  As he sat on the edge of the water and looked, the sun began to set and darkness came.  The light became brighter as the darkness emerged and the wolf knew he had to go home, but the light had him captured within his own thoughts and he could not think about his mother.  As he sat and stared at the light in the middle of the river, his thoughts began to take over his feelings of interest. His fears began to see the darkness that was all around the light that shined out so mesmerizing.  With each thought of fear, Creation kept looking at the light that made him feel so much joy.  He wondered how he could feel this way from such a sight yet think such thoughts of fear.  As he sat on the shore line, his fear of the darkness and his feelings of joy about seeing the light caused such confusion within his mind.  As he watched the light grow, his feelings of joy overcame his thoughts of fear. He began to howl as loud as he could with joy for all to hear.  He was small and his howl was soft yet he tried to howl for the light that was there.  With wonder and awe, the more that he howled, the closer the light came to the shore line.  He had never howled so loud before and he was surprised with the sounds that he began to make across the land. 

Now Creation and his mother were all alone in the world because they had become separated from the rest of the pack. They were scared and lonely in the great big world as they searched for their family and home.  As Creation howled at the light, all his pain and all his loneliness cried out in his sound that now echoed through the trees.  All his fears and all his anguish with his thoughts of being lost cried out though his howl into the night.  With each time Creation cried out to the trees, his howls became stronger.  The stronger his howls became, the closer the light looked until it appeared on the shore line of the river.  Creation looked in wonder at the light that turned into a boat and the boat was full of the light.  As the sound of Creation’s howls became louder, all the wolves from the land heard his cries.  He was so full of anguish for all that he had lost that he did not notice the wolves that stood on the shore line. They wanted to see who could howl with such strength that covered the land for all to hear.  As Creation began to notice all the wolves surrounding him to hear, he stopped howling with surprise and began to look at who was standing before him.  The family that he and his mother had lost so long ago was looking at him and his father emerge from the pack as Creation stood in astonishment. He could not believe that he had brought so many wolves to the shore line that wanted to hear him howl. All his fears of what the light in the middle  of the night was turned into joy as he looked out towards his family that stood by his side. His father smiled at Creation and walked over to his son and spoke words that were so full of strength, “Your cries were heard from across the river as we searched for you and your mother.  Tonight was the night that we were going to stop looking as we were ready to turn the boat home.  I heard your cries from across the water and longed to bring you home.  Your sound was soft at first when I listened and I knew that I had to see who howled with such pain that echoed throughout the land for all to hear.  As we got closer to the shore line, your howls became strong and I knew that the sound had to be you because I know the sound of my son.  The light from our boat was almost out until your cries rang through the trees.  As our light began to fade we became afraid of the night that would surely get us lost. To our surprise the sound of your cries that rang out made the boat’s light shine like never before.  Your sound pulled our boat with the light shining bright to the shore line right where you stand.  As we were pulled by the sounds of your cries, a feeling of hope brought us here.  I could hear the pain in your cries and knew that it was you and my love brought us here”.  The wolf called Creation could not believe that his cries had caused such a reaction though out the land and his fears turned into excitement for what he had done and for how he had found his family.  All his cries of pain for what he thought he had lost had turned into the joy of what was before him and he began to cry.  Creation had taken his fears and his pain and turned them into joy.