Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Flow of Change; The Ego from a Spiritual Persepctive

A.     EGO

The voice inside that consistently tells you that you are separate from others will whisper into your thoughts. Some of you call this the ego. When you awaken, you will be able to identify this voice as separate from who you are. Until this occurs, you take this voice and make it your reality. You give this energy source all your power and as you awaken to the awareness that it is not you, questions arise. This energy source is conscious of your attempts to separate from identifying with who you are without it. It tries to surround you in attempts to remain alive. It projects in other people to keep you from separating from it. Some of you call this source evil or Satan. Those who do not believe or understand the spirit world will define it as the ego as it reaches into the core of your being to keep itself alive. The energy this level of consciousness holds sits in your gravity and will result in physical complications. You will be unable to breathe; your heart may feel as though it will burst from your chest. The anxiety will consume you in attempts to remain connected to the God of your understanding. The boundaries will be difficult to set with the world around you as the chaos emerges because of your attempts to find peace.

There is a force that has captured all your fears and turned them into a mirror. It is the natural order of the universe and is necessary for your growth. The laws of the universe have intensified on your planet because of your inability to accept that you came here to create new worlds inside yourself. This force you call evil goes back to your beginning and the battle lies inside of you. Whatever name you want to give this source, it is conscious of your thoughts and waits for the opportunity to project into your thoughts and into the world around you. It is angry and full of rage. As you feed it within your thoughts, it grows larger across your planet. It will cling to objects, it will pour your fears into another to reflect them back to you. As you awaken to who you are, the conscious awareness of all worlds merging on your planet will occur. Even the elements that make up your planet hold doorways to this world. Those who think that there is no such thing and decide to experiment with rituals they do not understand are at risk. This force has the ability to control fear just as the Source of All Creation controls love. Both forces are like magnets upon emotions. If you are ambivalent to these forces, the fear and the love will be dormant and you will go about your day unconscious of this world.  The universe is aligning for more of these forces to fuse into your air. Depending upon how much love or how much fear you hold will determine which one you will experience more of. The mixing of these forces is very strong and the pull to fear is more dominate because of your planet’s current belief system.