Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Oneness

A feeling of peace and Oneness surrounds me. I am intertwining this power with my current state of consciousness and see the particles that come together to make this reality. We are at the bottom of the mixture in the universes for All. The pressure is great and the patterns separate out into the human form. This planet separates all the atoms into the molecules based upon our ability to form these energies into people and things. I am at the bottom of creation and reach for my God to hear my cries, my whispers of love, my hopes, my dreams. I cannot see you dear God, but I know you are there. I sense you in the wind, the sky, the birds, I sense you everywhere. You can see me, but I cannot see you. You know my intensions in all that I do. I feel the change coming even in the air. I feel you changing this world, I know you are there. We did not anticipate how difficult it would be, to place our greatness in these bodies in attempts to set this planet free. Each moment I long to reach out to another, I feel as though I stumble because of my own limitations. I look for the peace that only lies in me. I look for the change so I can be free. When I feel the Oneness, all responds. When I feel the limitations, we are all held in chains. Whatever I believe is what I then see. The feeling of Oneness only lies in me.

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