Sunday, June 25, 2017

Words from Something Greater: The Lawless One

Chapter 30

Before your world is changed the lawless one will emerge. This soul will form from a Godly place. All will think the lawless one is walking with Me. Many will be fooled as they search outside of their selves. The wisdom will be given to My chosen few. The lawless one will rise so you can know the difference. Creation will form from all the destruction. Those who live in fear will grab onto every word that the lawless one speaks. Be still and I will protect you from within. As the darkness and My light bring forth the end of the darkness’ reign forever more, many of you will stray from Me as you will be fooled by the authority the lawless one will present. The masses will form into their groups as the lawless one arises to separate the two. Do not fear this time as you read these words. This day was spoken long ago. All My chosen have a mission as the groups form. You will show the masses who lives inside of you. My love will burn inside your eyes and the lawless groups will know. They will make you stand alone as they rise into the group they form.

As you stand in front of them, I will hold you high. They will not be able to touch one hair upon your head. Hear My call inside of you and know that you are saved. You will feel My love inside that I bestow with My grace. The lawless one will not be able to touch what we hold. Hear my call inside the sounds that echo in your head. I will lift the veil for you, so you will know the difference. You will look inside their eyes and see the darkness they hold. Do not mix inside their groups to try and show them love. They are My fallen angels that emerge into your form. They already know their time is coming to an end. I will bring those to you that will help you stand strong. I will send My angels into your form. Destruction will come to your land and all that you will see. You will be the tree inside the storms that come. The lawless one will not be able to stand the light you hold. The battle lies inside of you as you search for more. I come to bring My chosen all the gifts that you hold. You will begin to remember why you are here. You are the tool for My word forever more. Speak to all that hear My call so they can understand. The time is near when all you see will slip into a dream. The new world comes for all to see behind the veil. Those who hear Me listen to the sound that tells you there is more. I am near and want to show you who you are. I come to you to show you love and all that you can be. I speak to you inside the feeling that heals you inside. It is time for you to know that We are love.

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