Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Many Changes Are Coming


We are just on the cuff of something huge. Hold on to your heart chakra because we are about to expand into a realm that has never been experienced. We feel it yet we think the outside view is making us react this way. It is like the diamond in the ruff. We are being shined into perfection. The voice inside tells you that the world is only the illusion, so you don’t have to look at yourself. It is difficult to understand how the outside view reflects the inside you.

There is much to process in this ascension that humanity is going through. We are being prepared for many changes that require an empty mind. We are being forced to look into the darkest places inside us. It will cause many to live in denial. It will cause some to want to harm themselves or others. The ones who are looking at themselves will find they are separating from those who are living in denial. The outside view is changing so fast because it is reflecting what is going on inside of you.

Each of us have our own separate worlds at every waking moment. Many have a difficult time separating their own thoughts out from others. These thoughts can be from others that we confuse with our own. We even do things that we hear in our thoughts with the belief that we have to do what we think. We believe our thoughts. With each thought we hold; it has to go somewhere because energy cannot be destroyed. Each thought creates it’s own world. It gravitates towards other vibrations that resonate with it’s own. The more one is filled with hatred, those thoughts gravitate towards each other. The more power this hatred holds, the stronger the ability to create a form becomes. We have filled Mother Earth with so much negativity that they now have the power to create an actual form.

It is hard to imagine that your anger is creating it’s own entity. It is hard to imagine that it is attached to you though generations of hatred. It is so powerful that you cannot control it. It is a force that has become bigger than you. This timeline requires all in human form to take their power back and release the karmic ties. It is a cleansing for all the generations that came before you. It is a cleansing for what you will become. All the universe is watching and cheering you on!! So open up you heart chakra and let the cleansing begin.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

A Beacon of Light


It has been a while since I have shared what I am learning. I am surprised to see so many visitors with no new entries added in a few months. My last entry was in April 2021 (seven months ago). I graduated as a Reiki Master/Teacher a few months ago and that study takes a lot of my free time. It has expanded my mind into worlds that I cannot even articulate at this juncture in my journey. Spirit is here and speaks in between the thoughts. It caresses the neurons in my brain to stimulate thoughts and feelings that are foreign to me. The universe has pulled me into an environment that is providing me with peace and love like never before. I am now empowered with the Ascended masters, the Reiki masters, and the Archangels. As I allow these abilities to flow through me, the intensions are to shine the light with humanity. I am told to keep all the past writings and recordings on YouTube to see how far I have come. I am leading by example. I have lived in the darkness to now say I know the difference. I have become that beacon of light to help all the lost find their ways. Even on the days I do not feel this power, I know it is there. I look forward to sharing more with you so our lights can become brighter together. I will begin with the thought, “How can you know what love is unless you know what it is not?”. -----See you soon…………..



Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Expanding Levels of Knowledge


On the road to enlightenment, one will begin to see glitches in the making of the moment. You will begin to see patterns in experiences. It will seem as though things just occurred when you see the same vehicle or the same person over and over in a short period of time. You may even get paranoid that you are being watched. You will find yourself with thoughts that “they see you” or “they know you know” but you do not know who “they” are. You will get into information on aliens, religions, dark forces, angels, ascended masters, all the new age tools and maybe even conspiracy theories.  Then the thoughts will come that you are creating these moments.

What you think becomes things and people. The waves of energies that bring you a feeling of joy, fear, excitement, doubt, love, hate, uncertainty and questions of “What do I do next?” will occur. You will feel the differences of thoughts when alone, around one other person, around a group of people, when thinking of your city, your country, the planet or even the universe.

To be able to distinguish your levels of knowledge causes expansion in the consciousness. To bring this awareness into the body brings creation. The words are manipulating the space around you. The thoughts are tapping the frozen matter into action. Your emotions are shaking the frozen matter into your level of vibration so the thoughts can form people and things into action for you. The goal is to become a master at this technique to expand creation out into the far corners of the universe.

All those reading these words will be on the same vibrational level with the same wave of thought. It will flow effortlessly and there will be no need to do anything but feel and think to vibrate and form matter into creation. This is how the stars do it and how the planets do it. They mastered the ability to think and feel their inner being into the mass of matter they have now become.

Saturn, for example, is filled with power, change, and dominance. This force flows through one that vibrates at that level. If one is filled with dominance, this energy will pull and push this power into the dominant field that is held within the body. Each planet does the same within the multidimensional being that the consciousness is focus upon within the body.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Knowledge Flows onto the Planet Like Never Before


The shift in consciousness is splitting the timelines as the masses sit in the crossroads of freewill. Do you choose the path that creates more fear so the dark entities can continue to control you and feed off your fear? Do you choose the path filled with faith in the knowing of things that are not yet seen and reach for the light that guides you back to the Source of All where all love lives?

As the planets align into the higher densities, more light shines into the darkness. Knowledge flows through the light projected from the alignment of the planets that come from the Source of All. The light flows through the planets as the density rises into the other dimensions. Those who are on a liner path are having the physical ailments as they hold on to the old knowledge. Without the willingness to expand the mind and the body into the light of knowledge towards the vertical path, the body becomes clogged with the lower frequencies and is unable to activate the openings within the body to allow the knowledge to expand into the higher levels.

The chakras are then filled with heavy energies and cannot allow the higher frequencies to flow through the body to provide the knowledge needed for evolution. Those who sense the shift and are just waking to these sensations are in a struggle some call the spiritual war.  It is literally a fight between the light and the darkness as the mind and body attempt to process the changes. If one who is somewhat aware tries to figure all this out on a logical level, the fear of the unknown can overtake them. They can then create entities within their own fears that may even appear to attack them. The world each individual mind lives within is for that soul to learn from.

The light is where the knowledge comes from to further the soul’s growth. The light is a way to visualize how consciousness comes to the body for the soul’s expansion while in human form. We are here to learn how to manipulate energies into love for creation. We are babies in the big scheme of creation.

Those filled with fear are creating forces that appear to be what they fight against. It is difficult to visualize people that we create within our own thoughts. That is why there is so much confusion. Many are stuck in the hologram and replay the same scenarios over and over as a result. The physical forms may change but the experiences will be the same until we realize that we are creating them.

The light can only enter for knowledge if one raises their frequencies to that level of vibration. It like when you turn a light on in a dark room. You do not know what is inside until you see it. To change your frequency means you must change your emotions. If you are filled with gratitude, you vibrate the body higher than you do when you are filled with hate. Just like the room filled with darkness, your body will be filled with a heavy density when you are consumed with hate or any other negative emotion. The chakras will then be shut down and will be unable to connect to the layers within the aura.

The seven main chakras have layers that surround the body and require specific functions within the body to connect with each layer they are associated with for activation. The knowledge can only flow through the layers of the auras that are being activated by the chakras at any given time. The knowledge comes through the light that is called by many names. Some call this the spirit, the power or the grace for example.

The goal while in human form is to activate all the chakras so the soul can help the mind and body see through the illusions that are created while living in the hologram that the mases are projecting onto this planet. You may think you are not participating in these illusions but if you are holding your consciousness into a human form at this time, you are contributing to this web.

The planets unite to share a specific stream of consciousness onto this planet during this time-period. The evolution is occurring with or without one’s willingness to flow with this shift. If one decides not to allow this power to flow through the body, it will eventually self-destruct.  This cycle is necessary and planned, as it will always be.


Sunday, February 28, 2021

How To Find Gratitude


To get rid of negative thinking and turn it into love for your life, starts with gratitude. How do you find gratitude when you are filled with anxiety, fear or depression? Look towards the people, places, and things that make you think of joy. Think of the person that makes you feel love for yourself. The thing that you look at to find inspirations for your own creativity. The place that you sit and connect with the beauty this world holds. To know that we are all in human form to learn together and that you are never alone. To sit and breathe in life and release all doubt that makes you feel less than. Reach for the part inside of you that connects you with the knowing that you are an extension of the ever-growing power of creation. The power that tells you the possibilities are endless, and you are here to expand your own powers for the betterment of all.

Even in the worst of times, we can look towards the part where miracles are made, where life is created, where love is formed and where each small thing makes the big things. Take all this gratitude to fill you up with over-flowing joy for being alive and know that it is enough. To look at the body you are in and see the miracle of the awareness that you are not the body and the body is a gift for the soul’s growth. Find the gratitude in just being in this moment. To see the feet, the hands, the body, and to feel the breath go into the lungs that brings forth the spirit of life. To know you are right here and no where else matters and that you are an extension of the God that brings forth this awareness.

Reach for this knowing now and always that your consciousness is never ending and that you hold ever lasting life. That death is the new beginning and the last enemy to conquer. Just breath and know that you are enough. This is how to find the gratitude.