Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Many Changes Are Coming


We are just on the cuff of something huge. Hold on to your heart chakra because we are about to expand into a realm that has never been experienced. We feel it yet we think the outside view is making us react this way. It is like the diamond in the ruff. We are being shined into perfection. The voice inside tells you that the world is only the illusion, so you don’t have to look at yourself. It is difficult to understand how the outside view reflects the inside you.

There is much to process in this ascension that humanity is going through. We are being prepared for many changes that require an empty mind. We are being forced to look into the darkest places inside us. It will cause many to live in denial. It will cause some to want to harm themselves or others. The ones who are looking at themselves will find they are separating from those who are living in denial. The outside view is changing so fast because it is reflecting what is going on inside of you.

Each of us have our own separate worlds at every waking moment. Many have a difficult time separating their own thoughts out from others. These thoughts can be from others that we confuse with our own. We even do things that we hear in our thoughts with the belief that we have to do what we think. We believe our thoughts. With each thought we hold; it has to go somewhere because energy cannot be destroyed. Each thought creates it’s own world. It gravitates towards other vibrations that resonate with it’s own. The more one is filled with hatred, those thoughts gravitate towards each other. The more power this hatred holds, the stronger the ability to create a form becomes. We have filled Mother Earth with so much negativity that they now have the power to create an actual form.

It is hard to imagine that your anger is creating it’s own entity. It is hard to imagine that it is attached to you though generations of hatred. It is so powerful that you cannot control it. It is a force that has become bigger than you. This timeline requires all in human form to take their power back and release the karmic ties. It is a cleansing for all the generations that came before you. It is a cleansing for what you will become. All the universe is watching and cheering you on!! So open up you heart chakra and let the cleansing begin.

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