Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Expanding Levels of Knowledge


On the road to enlightenment, one will begin to see glitches in the making of the moment. You will begin to see patterns in experiences. It will seem as though things just occurred when you see the same vehicle or the same person over and over in a short period of time. You may even get paranoid that you are being watched. You will find yourself with thoughts that “they see you” or “they know you know” but you do not know who “they” are. You will get into information on aliens, religions, dark forces, angels, ascended masters, all the new age tools and maybe even conspiracy theories.  Then the thoughts will come that you are creating these moments.

What you think becomes things and people. The waves of energies that bring you a feeling of joy, fear, excitement, doubt, love, hate, uncertainty and questions of “What do I do next?” will occur. You will feel the differences of thoughts when alone, around one other person, around a group of people, when thinking of your city, your country, the planet or even the universe.

To be able to distinguish your levels of knowledge causes expansion in the consciousness. To bring this awareness into the body brings creation. The words are manipulating the space around you. The thoughts are tapping the frozen matter into action. Your emotions are shaking the frozen matter into your level of vibration so the thoughts can form people and things into action for you. The goal is to become a master at this technique to expand creation out into the far corners of the universe.

All those reading these words will be on the same vibrational level with the same wave of thought. It will flow effortlessly and there will be no need to do anything but feel and think to vibrate and form matter into creation. This is how the stars do it and how the planets do it. They mastered the ability to think and feel their inner being into the mass of matter they have now become.

Saturn, for example, is filled with power, change, and dominance. This force flows through one that vibrates at that level. If one is filled with dominance, this energy will pull and push this power into the dominant field that is held within the body. Each planet does the same within the multidimensional being that the consciousness is focus upon within the body.

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