Monday, April 30, 2018


It does matter what events brought you to the current mixture you hold as these events make you who you are. It starts within your current level of consciousness. Those of you that take the experiences that lead you to the anguish and replay them over and over are still mixing all the components in search of enlightenment. You are looking for something that can only be found in who you are at this moment. All your past fills you with the day. The mixture you currently hold is because of your past. This mixture will sit at the bottom of your life force and if new thoughts are not mixed into the foundation for opportunities to learn from the regrets, they will build into the darkness that will cover your life.

With each life you live, you hold all the mixture from all lifetimes in attempts to find enlightenment in this life. Some of you call it karma when your past comes back to you through more anguish unless you release the bond to those events. As your veil is lifted, you will see how the foundation you hold inside comes from all your lifetimes. All the anger and rage come from your planets history all balled up inside of you. How could this be you ask? All the essence of who you are goes back to the beginning and if you take each piece of what makes you who you are, it will lead all the way back to the Garden of Eden. You have taken the events that occurred in the beginning to complete the cycle of despair. The vastness of your desperation has filled the universe and the planets are aligning for the spirit of change. As you reach the desperation, all time will cease, and you will question your existence. The lightning bolt for change will occur. The energy source you choose will be a conscious choice that you have never known before. All will experience this level as the waves of energy mix inside of you to bring you more of what you consciously seek. If you do not allow any new thoughts inside for the spirit you call Holy to enter, the spirit of anguish will consume you with thoughts to even harm yourself or others.

Your children are overwhelmed with these feelings as the force that sits in your gravity feeds off the innocent. The message of violence brings forth the thoughts that cause destruction on your planet. You keep this source alive in your media and in your homes. Your children see much anguish when they look at your world. Those who keep their children protected and do not prepare them for the boundaries that need to be in place will see the inability to cope as their veil is lifted.

All events are relevant, and all will have to make the choice as the sources that bring you love and fear fight for the very essence of who you are. You will become consciously aware as your thoughts of who you thought you were fade away. It can happen through either energy source that will come to you like a bolt of lightning or it can become a slow process.

For the Son of Man in his day will be like the lightning, which flashes and lights up the sky from one end to the other. But first he must suffer many things and be rejected by this generation.” Luke 17:24-25

The key is to know that you are already a part of this Greatness and when thoughts enter that make you question if there is Something Greater, that is the day you will have found the hope that comes from the thought that you are a part of Something Greater. Just as you need your heart to live, you are vital to the universe. Though you may be small, you are vital to creation.
The understanding of growth into the spirit cannot be articulated just as the flower grows into full bloom. “The Kingdom of God is in your midst.” Luke 17:21

It is not seen but felt. It is with a touch that comes from inside yourself. Grace reaches in and lights your flame of life for creation in this dimension. Those that do not understand are mixing their essence subconsciously for the day when they will mix with creation or self-destruction. The universe aligns for this time and the Creator awakens inside of you for enlightenment forever more. The flow of change has been building inside of you for the God of your understanding to live forever more inside of you since the beginning. You are here to bring this force out into this dimension for further creation.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Flow of Knowledge

As you awaken to the realization that the universe waits for you to become aware, you will be like the bear waking up from a long winter’s sleep. This moment has been anticipated and each of you are special for your own contributions. Each of you will experience the awakening as promised. The light of truth came in physical form to show you what you are capable of in this body. The word was spoken and the barrier between the spirit, the mind and the body were broken. You were created for this experience and now the thoughts of what this means to you is asked. The thoughts of Something Greater will turn into the tasks of what you are to do during the time you are here. You know you are created for a purpose as everyone has a mission in these bodies.

Why do some of you understand it and others do not? How do you communicate what you know so others can find it for themselves? This stage of development causes you to take this new-found belief out into your virtues and the impact in this time can be anything you want it to be. You will no longer have insecurities if you so choose. You are the tool that can be used to show those how to accept where they stand and how they can learn to love themselves because of what you believe. You will become an example for others and slowly you will become responsible for this knowledge within all your affairs. You will begin to gain an understanding of how important all the components are as you seek every day for the connection to the God of your understanding.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Fish Bowl

It is time to open the mind and hear the spirit that crawls inside. You will feel the shift in the thoughts that go against all you have ever been taught. At first it will be a feeling that will come as your body feels the healing. Do you speak the words that you hear? Do you push away the fear? You are the vehicle for this unseen world as it reaches into your core.

Sense the beings from another place as you bring them into your space. You can lead them into your mind, they whisper secrets as you search to find. Is there meaning in this life that cuts into your heart like a knife? You will smell it in the air, you will hear it everywhere.

The waves will hit you hard at times. You will see the wonders, sights and signs. This world will come through people, places and things. There should not be expectations in what it can bring. What you see is what you believe. It will shine through the mind, the body and the soul. The spirit will pull you out of this fish bowl.
At first you will jump out the water and see pieces of this world, then you may fall further down into the deep dark water as you try to make sense of what you see. Then you will feel a surge inside the body as you begin to believe. Each time you jump a little higher out of the fish bowl, you will sense a power in the soul.
The shadows of the spirit will then begin to be seen. You will start to feel as though you are living in-between. Some days you will want to pretend that it is not there, other days you will see and feel it everywhere. Each time you seek for a little more, it will crawl into your core.

 As you look out from the fish bowl, you will feel as though you are being watched. Who is looking back at you? Are the angels giving you clues? Do the demons cause your tears as you try to not feel the fear?

As you jump in and out of the water, the fish bowl will start to feel smaller. You will go through many emotions as you try to float above the water. The feeling of being in a fish bowl will be sign that you are ascending.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Beauty from the Chaos

I feel the joy that comes as a payoff when faith is worked over and over in my life. Like the metal that is beaten into the most beautiful of statues, that is the feeling today. I shine from all the work that now illuminates in my life. I understand, yet, cannot articulate this process as I look over the beauty that has formed from all the chaos. Like the baby chick that must work so hard to hatch from the egg or the butterfly that bursts from the cocoon. I have been beaten down into a life that brings me this joy today.
Even on the days when there was nothing but suffering and I was filled with fear, I faced this fear over and over until it was finally freed. I had to feel it over and over until it became the joy of this moment. I stood in fear many days with tears of uncertainty, yet my faith stayed strong with the belief that if I did not sway in what I wanted in my life, I could form this into my world.

It took years to see this day and here I stand with a new world that surrounds me because of my faith. The debris from all the chaos has been cleaned up and the garbage has been discarded. Some debris has been salvaged and some has been turned into a whole new form.
The aftermath from the hurricane called “My awakening” brings me into a whole new level of understanding. It could not have happened any other way. All I went through was needed to form me into the courage that can only come from such fear.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Separation for Healing

This video explains the physical separation the planet is going through and the fears are the key to this process.