Sunday, June 25, 2017

Ever Lasting Life

Chapter 32

The day will come when those who are full of the knowledge that death does not mean the end will be divided by those who do not believe that there is ever lasting life. The prophets have written of a time to come when your planet will change the very essence that it is made from. It is written that the new earth will come. This time has been anticipated since your creation. The sheading of your fear is like the sheading of the skin.

The more you turn your thoughts to the God of your understanding the knowledge flows. Your beliefs will change you from the inside-out. A time is coming when all must look within their beliefs that create the body you hold. The spirit will consume you as you seek for more.

Creation comes in many forms as you look into your fears. The world you see will become a place of the darkness and the light. Once the separation is seen by all those in the light, the need for Something Greater will make you want to separate your love. The ones who do not understand that there is ever-lasting life will find a time of great distress as they turn from you.

The universe aligns to bring the light like never before. The universe looks on with wonderment to see what you will do with freewill. A time is coming when all will look at those that are left behind. A time is coming like never before to bring the flow of change. As you look for this world right within your thoughts, you will have to grab your faith to walk out into your day.

A world is coming that will separate you from all the suffering you see. The answers come in waves you see right within your eyes. How do you show the ones in need and do not understand? How do you shine the light of love on those who sit inside the darkness? Some will say that they believe and go about their way. They will not see the light inside or hear it in your words.

The truth shines love into the darkness even when it hurts. You are made from Something Greater and it glows within your pores. As others look at you with judgment and question what you hold, the love you have will shine to them to give some of your light. It will trail into their hearts as they look at you with a need they cannot explain. It will crawl into their dreams and come out in their day. Something will call inside their thoughts that maybe you are right or they will turn away and pretend that nothings really there. Then the day will come to those who close their thoughts and hide, they will be the ones who do not believe in ever-lasting life.

The darkness will surround their thoughts as they try to hide, the day will come when the light will shine as the separation occurs. The passion comes about the time you feel it through your body. You have found a world inside that no one else can see. No matter what happens to you, the sacrifice means nothing. You have found a world inside that tells you that you are loved. You try to grasp this world inside so you can shine the light. The day will come when it will shine into the darkness of this world.

If you believe in this world, it will swirl around you. It will seep into your thoughts and pour into your heart. Once you feel the love inside that is just the beginning. The spirit world brings you knowledge that you are not alone. It brings you thoughts of how to blend it into your life. A day will come when you will know how the body you are in was created out of love. It is a gift to be right here where you are today. When you embrace this gift of love the flow of change occurs.

It has been written by many of how the spirit turned the love into a sacrifice for more than just this life you live. The ever-lasting light shines through as you shed away your fears. You are worthy of this love because the sacrifice was made. This world will call inside your heart that will burst out into your view. You will know that the body you hold is only for you. Your thoughts will blend into your heart that seeps into the soul. The soul holds your ever-lasting life. It comes inside the hope and faith of the promises that were made.

You look at who you were when you did not know this world was there. You cannot pretend that you are not changed forever more. Each time you reach into the thoughts that you are not alone; the day will come with the knowledge that brings you ever-lasting life. In the days of doubt you hold, look into the time the sacrifice was made for you so you can find the light.

Some of you will think that there is nothing after death, some of you do not believe in ever-lasting life. If you reach inside your heart you will feel a yearning. It will burn inside your stomach that trails into your thoughts. How do you believe in something that has no proof within your view? How do you let a feeling inside guide you towards the thoughts that maybe there is Something Greater that lies inside of you? You will question if maybe there is Something Greater in the promises that were made so long ago. You will be given knowledge that the son of man is changed because the sacrifice was made for everlasting life.

Words from Something Greater: The Lawless One

Chapter 30

Before your world is changed the lawless one will emerge. This soul will form from a Godly place. All will think the lawless one is walking with Me. Many will be fooled as they search outside of their selves. The wisdom will be given to My chosen few. The lawless one will rise so you can know the difference. Creation will form from all the destruction. Those who live in fear will grab onto every word that the lawless one speaks. Be still and I will protect you from within. As the darkness and My light bring forth the end of the darkness’ reign forever more, many of you will stray from Me as you will be fooled by the authority the lawless one will present. The masses will form into their groups as the lawless one arises to separate the two. Do not fear this time as you read these words. This day was spoken long ago. All My chosen have a mission as the groups form. You will show the masses who lives inside of you. My love will burn inside your eyes and the lawless groups will know. They will make you stand alone as they rise into the group they form.

As you stand in front of them, I will hold you high. They will not be able to touch one hair upon your head. Hear My call inside of you and know that you are saved. You will feel My love inside that I bestow with My grace. The lawless one will not be able to touch what we hold. Hear my call inside the sounds that echo in your head. I will lift the veil for you, so you will know the difference. You will look inside their eyes and see the darkness they hold. Do not mix inside their groups to try and show them love. They are My fallen angels that emerge into your form. They already know their time is coming to an end. I will bring those to you that will help you stand strong. I will send My angels into your form. Destruction will come to your land and all that you will see. You will be the tree inside the storms that come. The lawless one will not be able to stand the light you hold. The battle lies inside of you as you search for more. I come to bring My chosen all the gifts that you hold. You will begin to remember why you are here. You are the tool for My word forever more. Speak to all that hear My call so they can understand. The time is near when all you see will slip into a dream. The new world comes for all to see behind the veil. Those who hear Me listen to the sound that tells you there is more. I am near and want to show you who you are. I come to you to show you love and all that you can be. I speak to you inside the feeling that heals you inside. It is time for you to know that We are love.

The Flow of Change; The Ego from a Spiritual Persepctive

A.     EGO

The voice inside that consistently tells you that you are separate from others will whisper into your thoughts. Some of you call this the ego. When you awaken, you will be able to identify this voice as separate from who you are. Until this occurs, you take this voice and make it your reality. You give this energy source all your power and as you awaken to the awareness that it is not you, questions arise. This energy source is conscious of your attempts to separate from identifying with who you are without it. It tries to surround you in attempts to remain alive. It projects in other people to keep you from separating from it. Some of you call this source evil or Satan. Those who do not believe or understand the spirit world will define it as the ego as it reaches into the core of your being to keep itself alive. The energy this level of consciousness holds sits in your gravity and will result in physical complications. You will be unable to breathe; your heart may feel as though it will burst from your chest. The anxiety will consume you in attempts to remain connected to the God of your understanding. The boundaries will be difficult to set with the world around you as the chaos emerges because of your attempts to find peace.

There is a force that has captured all your fears and turned them into a mirror. It is the natural order of the universe and is necessary for your growth. The laws of the universe have intensified on your planet because of your inability to accept that you came here to create new worlds inside yourself. This force you call evil goes back to your beginning and the battle lies inside of you. Whatever name you want to give this source, it is conscious of your thoughts and waits for the opportunity to project into your thoughts and into the world around you. It is angry and full of rage. As you feed it within your thoughts, it grows larger across your planet. It will cling to objects, it will pour your fears into another to reflect them back to you. As you awaken to who you are, the conscious awareness of all worlds merging on your planet will occur. Even the elements that make up your planet hold doorways to this world. Those who think that there is no such thing and decide to experiment with rituals they do not understand are at risk. This force has the ability to control fear just as the Source of All Creation controls love. Both forces are like magnets upon emotions. If you are ambivalent to these forces, the fear and the love will be dormant and you will go about your day unconscious of this world.  The universe is aligning for more of these forces to fuse into your air. Depending upon how much love or how much fear you hold will determine which one you will experience more of. The mixing of these forces is very strong and the pull to fear is more dominate because of your planet’s current belief system.

The Oneness

A feeling of peace and Oneness surrounds me. I am intertwining this power with my current state of consciousness and see the particles that come together to make this reality. We are at the bottom of the mixture in the universes for All. The pressure is great and the patterns separate out into the human form. This planet separates all the atoms into the molecules based upon our ability to form these energies into people and things. I am at the bottom of creation and reach for my God to hear my cries, my whispers of love, my hopes, my dreams. I cannot see you dear God, but I know you are there. I sense you in the wind, the sky, the birds, I sense you everywhere. You can see me, but I cannot see you. You know my intensions in all that I do. I feel the change coming even in the air. I feel you changing this world, I know you are there. We did not anticipate how difficult it would be, to place our greatness in these bodies in attempts to set this planet free. Each moment I long to reach out to another, I feel as though I stumble because of my own limitations. I look for the peace that only lies in me. I look for the change so I can be free. When I feel the Oneness, all responds. When I feel the limitations, we are all held in chains. Whatever I believe is what I then see. The feeling of Oneness only lies in me.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Flow of Change for the Soul

It is finally published! I will be putting a video out in the next few days that will show how to win one of the books. I will be giving 5 of the books away and look forward to see who gets them. Here is a link to purchase the book: 

The Flow of Change for the Soul