Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Battle

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission. 

You came here to bring all worlds together and dark entities do not want this to happen.  If you succeed in this task, there will be no more darkness and these entities do not want the light to shine.  Each mind that is lost brings this battle between the darkness and the light to the attention more and more to the rest of the universe.  Your body is unique and very special.  The worlds you can bring together will create more love.  This light is not wanted by the darkness some of you call Satan.  Knowing thoughts and emotions are from the spirit world, it is important to remember that these dark entities represent thoughts and emotions of anger, hatred and all that goes along with such negativity.  Just as Something Greater represents love, these dark entities are the essence of fear and hatred. Do not down play the potential of what this darkness is capable of in your world.  It comes as a thief in the night and preys upon the weak and sick.  That is why you must keep strong and not allow any negative thoughts into your mind.  It will start as a feeling and grow into a thought as the illusion that you do not matter grows into all you are in this dimension.  If you succeed in bringing all worlds together the darkness will lose power and will cease to exist.  With each person that dies from a terrible death, the light of hope and faith dims.  

The battle between good and evil will play out into your reality with how many of your masses are in turmoil.  In your news, in your associates, in your friends and in your family.  It all forces you to feel the pain inside so you can open the doorway to divine love.  You will see the wall in your mind that you are climbing over as you reach the understanding of all the worlds at work in your life.  You are the result of many worlds that form you.  Your inspirations pull all worlds together for creation.  The spirits come to you based upon your thoughts.  The masses come together to create from thoughts as a whole.  Your thoughts behind closed doors alone are different.  The spirit behind the masses is full of anger and this projects into your world.  If you each have love to project back when this feeling arises, it will reach out with light and compassion.  Just as the constant love of a parent for their child reflects into the child, your love for the world around you will bring all worlds together for this union.  With the light shining towards all worlds to see, protection comes as these dark entities do not want any part of this divine love.  They will look for dark spots in your mind and life to project negative thoughts as they strive to carry their darkness into your reality.

Inside Out

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

Faith will bring you strength.  When you have strength, you can balance your thoughts and emotions to gather knowledge.  You get your thoughts from the spirit world.  Your illusions are when you look at yourself from the outside-in.  It is now time to view your world from the inside out. You have a universe inside of you.  You can choose to ignore the miracle of that and say your world is insignificant to those around you or you can experience a whole new perspective from your world inside. Knowing thoughts are from the spirit world brings you to a whole new level of understanding.  If the unseen is guiding your thoughts, who is it?  There are many spirits wanting to share your gift of freewill.  You will only know the spirit world through who you identify them with.  Because thought creates and because thoughts can be considered spirits, you can also consider your thoughts as creating yourself into human form.  Technically, you create yourself that goes back to the source of all knowledge.  If you created yourself in human form, then your thoughts intertwine back to yourself.  With each new level of awareness, it is your responsibility to teach others what you know.  You have a gift that you came here to share and because of the negative emotions that are on your planet, you have clouded your mission.  It is not to be found in your material things.  It is to be found in you.  Some people go their whole life not understanding why they are here.  Knowing you are only here for a certain amount of time and knowing there is something other than you at work here results in some people with denials of even death.  Some people refuse to even discuss it and live in fear their whole life.  How can you deny the gift of only being in this body for a little while? 
***This is from my third hand written book that is all about the spirit world.  I would be woken up in the middle of the night and write pages on this topic.  This entry is dated 8/29/13

The Feather of Truth

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

There once was an angel who lived all alone way up in the sky.  She would watch the world at night so no one would see her fly by.  As she touched the hearts of those in pain to heal them, she would take some of it as her own.  She would keep this pain inside of her and would not try to let it show.  No one knew the despair she was in and she didn’t think anyone cared.  One day she became sick and was unable to shine her healing light to the world below. Her pain became so great that she could not fly.  The other angels who watched from a far came to be by her side.  Some of them laughed and just flew away and thought that she didn’t matter.  Some to them watched with interest just to see what she was going to do, “Can she get up or is she going to stay there and let the world go by?” Only one angel out of the bunch whispered in her ear, “You have to let go of all of this pain and figure out which is your own.  All of the people that you have helped in your work have to take their own hurt to carry and you cannot keep it as your own”.  As the angel listened to the words and sat in the cloud so high, she began to see that all of her pain that was so great inside was her efforts to prevent others from shining through their pain.  They were now stuck in the middle of this feeling and no one felt good at all. She realized that she was not helping and that she was making things worse for all.  She cried out in agony and flew to each and every one, she gave them back their pain and began to understand what happened.  She told them to take it and see what was theirs so they could find the light that wanted to give them love.  She smiled and said, “We all must look at our self to find out how to take what pain is ours and turn it into love. This pain will make us strong someday so it all will make sense as the light from afar will come and give you love.  This light of love will heal your pain and show you why you had to feel it to begin with.  If you choose to keep the pain in your heart, the light of love cannot shine through.  Without this love, you will become sick. Your body will become clouded inside and the darkness of fear will set in.  You will begin to feel it all around and sickness will spread throughout your mind and into your heart.  Once your heart becomes ill the rest of your body will then feel it too.  Those of you who hold it inside will one day find that you will not feel right.  Each time you do not listen to your pain it will turn inside.  You will then have a sickness that your body cannot hide and you will feel like you will want to die.  If you just ask for help from the light from far above, you can be healed as you see that this light is always there with love”.  As the other angels watched and saw this angel shine so bright, those who laughed and those who watched when she could not fly decided to see what this angel had done to make everyone feel so much love.  As the angel told how she gave all the pain back to those who owned it, the other angels began to understand that they had done the same thing to others.  As everyone began to give their pain back to who owned it, the world below and the angels in the clouds began to feel the love that had been blocked by all their fears. 

Then one day the angel who ruled the world from far above saw the love that radiated across the land.  He wanted to find out what happened for such a joyous time.  Everyone told him how one little angel that had sat in the dark for so long had showed them how to spread the love by ensuring that each had their own fear to overcome.  Once they conquered their fears inside, they were able to find the love from above. The angel who ruled all of the land looked in wonderment, he asked, “How could one little angel accomplish such a task?” Then from above where no one could see there was a voice that spoke to all of the angels loudly, “I have watched as all of you laughed and would not help the angel who sat in the dark for so long.  I waited to see if you would go to her when she was hurt.  I waited to see who would show her how to release her fears when she could not fly.  The angel who whispered in her ear and told her what to do was I.  I watched as you went about your way as if she didn’t matter.  I gave her the strength to go and be an example to others.  She even gathered the strength to go and teach you how to help yourself so you could then help others.  I was the one who wouldn’t let her fly.  I took a feather out of her wing so she took the time to see that she needed to take care of herself and that she needed to let others take care of their own needs.  When I gave her feather back to her so that she could fly, I gave her the feather of truth so she could speak her thoughts to others.  She began to recognize that the time she sat in the dark was the time that gave her the strength so she could share what she had learned with you.  Now you all have been taught a lesson because of her experience and all of the land from far and wide is learning a new found happiness. You have freewill to take what you have learned and make it what you chose.  If you continue to think that others do not matter after what happen here today, you will be the ones who will sit in the darkness with no one there to help.  Now take this time and all enjoy the love that you have been given and know that no one is better or worse and you all will learn from each other.  There will come a day that all will receive the feather of truth.  That will be the day when you will find how to spread My love to others.”


Saturday, February 8, 2014


** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

There once was a rainbow that shined in the sky.  He touched the corners of the land that crossed from side to side. His colors radiated for all to see.  Those who looked towards the rainbow high in the sky were instantly changed forever as it was like none other.  One piece of land far to the corner of the rainbow could not see the shades of light.  The rainbow knew that without his light, the land that was dark would be filled with fright.  He took some pieces from each of his colors and placed them into the dark.  The colors were small and shined to the land that sat within this darkness. The rest of the land around this spot shined so bright.  The fragments of colors that were in this darkness tried to shine for all to see.  As the colors spread across this place they tried to reflect some light.  They tried to reach the parts of the land that sat in total darkness.  They became sick as all around refused to allow them to shine. The fear in this land was too strong and smothered the colors of the rainbow. As the rainbow watched this happen from far above, he knew what he must do. He sent a color that came to this place and tried to give them some strength.  The rays that were sick from the darkness took this color from above.  It was different from any others and showed them how to love. This color that came from far above told them that they were there to help the darkness find some light and to help the land find love.  They were told that it would not be long before they were able to come home but they had work to do and must be strong.  The rainbow said to the colors below, “See if you can share your light for all to see until the day when you can come home to me”. Then the day came that the rainbow saw parts of this land was filled with his colors. He smiled and knew it was time to bring his children home and there was nothing left to do to the land. He brought the color that was different with him that help them when they were sick. Together they shined into the darkness until there was nothing but their light.  The rainbow looked toward the piece of the land that continued to sit in the dark.  He gave them a choice to gleam with the rest but some of the land refused.   The rainbow said that they had this choice and he had to take his light home, “I sent some help so long ago to try and give you light.  My children who wanted to come to your aide became so sick.  Your fear blocked their love that came from above so I sent my son straight from my heart so he could give you hope.  You continued to sit in the darkness and not accept the help.  Now I stand before you with my children all together.  We are here to help you shine with the rest of the land. For those of you who refuse to shine, we must now go home”.  The parts of the land that refused to shine sat in the darkness and was never helped again.

Friday, February 7, 2014

To Give and To Take

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

The sun shined bright in the afternoon sky and looked at the world below.  He smiled with delight as he watched how the trees responded to his glow.  As he looked at a flower that was hidden in the shadows of a rock that blocked his rays, he could feel the flower seeking for his light and he wanted to touch it with the warmth that was held in each of his rays.  He could hear the flower far below crying for his help. The rock was so big that no matter what the sun did, it could not reach the flower.  Now the flower was cold in the shadows of the rock and felt so all alone.  It cried out in this darkness and withered at the roots as it searched for the rays of the sun.  The rock stood tall and knew that the flower was seeking for some light.  It did not care and didn’t want to share any of the rays of the sun.  As the sun watched the flower sitting in the dark, he became concerned.  He admired the rock and the strength that it had but knew it was blocking the flower.  The sun knew that the rock didn’t care if the flower's light was fading.  Then came the day that the sun shined his rays and made the rock burn.  As the rock became smaller and burned in the sun, it yelled, “Why would you do such a thing?”  The sun smiled back and said to the rock, “You stood so proudly for so long and would not share my light. The flower would cry and you would pretend not to hear that it needed your help.  I patiently waited for you to help the flower find some light, but as your pride covered the cries of the flower and I could no longer allow it”.  As the sun shined bright in the sky and the rock turned to ash, the flower began to glow in the light and smiled at the sun, “I tried for so long to bask in your light but was shadowed by this rock.  I did not think you knew I was there in the shadows seeking for your touch.  I did not give up hope and cried every day as I began to wither away.  Then to my wondering eyes did appear the flames that you placed upon the rock”.  With love in his heart the sun looked down upon the flower so small and said that he always saw him, “I would never allow the rock to prevent you from showing your beauty to everyone.  I wanted to see if the rock would give up his pride and find the joy of giving inside.  The rock had a choice and chose to deny the light to shine upon you.  Without my light your beauty was denied the ability to glow for others.  Your beauty was planned on the day you were born and must be given to all who will notice.  I am the light for all of the land and no one can take it away.  Those who attempt to keep my light from others will find that my rays will become like a fire.  As they block the light from those who seek it, my rays will burn into them, just like the rock.  My light was created by something even greater than I can understand.  For those who think they can stop my light from shining will find that they are the ones who are not wanted in the land . As I give to you, it is important to know that you must give it to others.  If you only take with nothing in return, there will come a day when my light will touch upon you with such heat that you will burn just like the rock. That will be the day that you will know you became selfish and would not share what you hold.. I will patiently wait to see if you learn that you must give to others, if the day comes that you allow someone else to wither as the rock did you, I will have to intervene and ensure that my light is shared with others.  So remember to love and give my light away as I watch from above.  I give to you and you take what I give and share it with others.  Something Greater is there and watching my task of helping you find the light, this power will know if any one of us block my rays that prevents someone from shining to others”.