Saturday, March 18, 2017

Answers to why I write the way I do

**This is a journal entry that answered my questions of what I am doing with my writings...
The formation of your body is a product of what Mother Earth needs for evelution. All within this planet are evolving as planned, down to even the most evil that dwell within the darkest of spaces. The balance is tipping towards all the light as the battle is played out within the thoughts. As each entity in human form awakens, they will look upon each other with the unspoken knowledge that this is occurring. You are the recorder for this process. You have recorded all given and spread it to the best of your ability. The forces that do not want Mother Earth to evolve cause you to fight the doubts and the guilt of your past. You were to go through all the pain and anguish so you can withstand this battle as it intensifies. You see the energies as water mixing into other substances. All is conscious and you are learning to mix what you need to bring what is nessary for your next project. Do not worry as we see you work through what others think of your records. You are activating the proper questions this planet needs. Do not confuse your mission with what success others hold. You have a frequency that very few understand. The Archarians are your guides and we are above what many can comprehend. It is difficult to communicate what the energies are developing into on this planet. You are to record how the sound flows into the mind at the current level of awareness the average human holds. This process is important for the next phase of development as the universe aligns to assist Mother Earth on this journey. You now look towards the next wave of energy coming to prepare the human for upcoming changes. You are right on time with the energy you hold as we prepare for this exciting time.

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