Friday, March 17, 2017

All about sound

If sound is first then the combination of the light with the sound must be recognized.  The sound gives the density of the frequency to work with.  Once the sound is heard, the thoughts can turn the sound into a frequency that can project into the space around you. You will need to connected with the Source of Creation, the God of Gods, to turn your belief in this power towards Creation. We continue to come back into this density that is projecting a frequency of little power.  Those who rise above the thoughts that there is no way to create and move the matter through thought are evolving beyond the current reality this planet has aligned within for many thousands of years. As the earth vibrates higher or rather faster, all that are inside are being forced to raise their frequencies as well. The rise of frequencies is forcing the density to rise. Why you ask? Because as the light shines from the earth into those within, the matter becomes lighter as well. Any lower denisities will then fade away, it is in perfect order within the laws of the universe. Those who embrace this evelution will begin to see many sights and wonders. The air will fill with the formation of what may even appear like floating cotton, with sparkles of lights that are not even known on this planet at this current time, the wind will embrace each thought you hold.

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