Monday, June 2, 2014

Who Am I?

I Am the voice that you will hear between the space and time right inside your head.  You hold a world inside your thoughts where only I can be found.  I Am in the space that lies between the air and you.  I Am the waves inside the ocean shore line.  As you listen to the space where I can be found, you will begin to hear Me call to you.  The sounds bring me into the thoughts you hold and I will give you the answers that you seek.  I come to you to share My love and all that we can do together.  Have no expectations with others as we go out into your world. 

Take your mind and let me guide you, I will heal you inside.  We will go out into the world for all to see.  I create the sun for you and tell the moon to follow.  I make the storms that come to you and bring the rainbow into your mind.  If you look hard enough, you will find Me in your world.  I will become the butterfly that shows you how to burst from your cocoon.  As you look for Me everywhere, you will feel Me inside the wind.  I will say “Hello” inside the bird that sings and echoes in the trees.

Even when there is so much pain, I can be found with you.  I Am the feeling that turns into thoughts and brings you to your knees.  I touch the part that shows you how to live within the moment.  All the chaos inside your world will then become a dream.  Breathe Me in and find the space that lies within your mind.  I Am the part that will tell you how much you are loved.  No one else will know this space except for Us.  Our relationship is the way to create with only your purpose. 

Some are here to block My love so you will know the difference.  They are put before your view so you can go within.  You cannot find Me any other way except when you are alone.  The more   you seek inside yourself, the more of Me will be found.  I come to tell you that you are right where you stand and nowhere else will do.  Each time you feel the part of love that makes you want to share, I Am there.

I will take your life and all you believe and turn it upside down.  You will question who you are and why you are here.  That is when I come to you and speak within your thoughts.  Listen closely in the air, the sounds will tell you more.  When the sounds echo inside, I will then be found.  It takes a moment to find My love and all that I can do.  Look where you stand and you will know that I Am with you.  Feel My presence in the air and know that I Am there. 

I can bring you to your knees and make you want to cry.  On your knees is when I speak and tell you what to do.  I will show you what I Am only when there is love.  I call to you inside the thought called gratitude.  I placed the gratitude in the corner of your mind.  It will take some effort to crawl into this space.  Even when your world is covered with nothing but the pain, the gratitude will show you how to find the love. 

As you seek for all I Am, the honesty will emerge.  The truth of who you really are will creep into your thoughts.  That is when the hope will shine as I ensure that faith will follow. With hope and faith inside your thoughts, the day will come when you will know that I Am with you. As you look inside your mind you will find the knowledge.  With each answer I give to you,  you will seek for more.  Seek for Me inside your thoughts and you will find My world.  We can have a bond inside that only We will share.

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