Sunday, June 8, 2014

The View

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The spirits pull your thoughts inside and can cause confusion.  The fear tells you to be alone and all this world can hold.  The days you feel your worst is when a voice can be heard.  It lies inside your darkest spot and it will shine a light.  The only way to see this light right inside your mind, is to feel the part of you that is all alone.  You will hear a sound inside that will make you cry.  The spirit of love will call to you and tell you that you are not alone.  Your heart will feel it first inside and you will then began to breathe.  You have found the part of you that finds another world.  It shows you how what you see is not really your view.  The darkest clouds then become the rainbow in your mind.


The day will come when you will seek for all that brought you here.  The moment will tell you that you are not alone.  You will hear this world right inside your thoughts.  If you listen close enough, the sounds will tell you more.  If you take the sound inside and blend it with your view, the unseen world will show you how to love yourself today.  You will feel a part of you that yearns to figure all this out.


How does this world speak to you without making a sound? The air will hold a feel inside that only you will find.  Breathe it in and you will see the view becomes a part of you right inside your thoughts.  The blend of thoughts and now what you see turns into your world.  The moment will begin to speak for all you are today.  As you find the darkest spot a light will shine inside.  This unseen world will change your view right before your eyes.


The spirit lies inside your thoughts and all that you believe.  It comes to you when you seek for who you are today.  You will have to find your desperation to open up this world.  You will have to look inside for all that brought you here.  You will not see a change in any one but you.  Do you let the fear of the unknown tell you not to search?  Do you sit inside your thoughts and pretend this world is not there?  If you look inside the view that shows you another place, you will see the part of you that shows you all the love.  This place will be inside your mind and only you can find it.  All the misery that you can hold will then become a dream.  The view will change in the blink of an eye as you find the love.  The colors will become a clue that you have found this view.





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