Tuesday, July 24, 2018


We are waking-up from this sleep,
the air we breathe blends so deep.
As we wake to all the sights and sounds,
We are like the new born in all that we have found.
The shadows shade the light we see,
the fear prevents us from feeling free.
We are waking-up as we go,
To find the answers that are in this flow.
Right inside the heart we hide,
Because of the fear we feel so blind.
Each time we see a little more,
 It shakes us up to our very core.
All the world is our stage,
We try to calm all the rage.
Why can’t we know the truth of who we are?
Why do we have to reach so far?
The time is here for us to see,
All that will set us free.
It starts inside the heart with love,
As we look towards the realm above.
Wake-up and know this is a dream,
The world we seek inside will gleam.
This world we yearn is in our dreams.
The world we live in is the dream?
Wake-up and know that we hold the spirit,
In this place as we listen to hear it.
Feel the soul that starts to flow,
As we wake-up, the spirit grows.
Listen close and you will know,
Everything activates you in this flow.
Close your eyes and see inside,
All the fear that wants you to hide.
Who are we without the belief in Something Greater?
Who are we without our Creator?
Waking-up will bring you to NOW,
All you need to ask is “HOW?”
Feel it inside the love you hold,
Then do what you are then told.
The shadows hold the key for you,
The light will then shine to make everything new.
 There is nothing else to do.
Wake-up, Wake-up, Wake-up!

Monday, July 16, 2018

A Message Regarding the Alien Agenda

All universes are at risk because of your inability to understand your powers and what you can do. You have opened the Pandora’s Box and this box must be closed. You do this through cleansing. Each generation has seen this process differently. Baptism is one way in which this process has been viewed. The age of desperation is now upon you. The cleansing process comes through the thoughts and emotions. Many sights and wonders are appearing as the inside pours out into your world. You do not understand your powers and now is the time to release the fears that are projecting into your world.

Seize this opportunity before you are closed off from the higher realms. The war for the soul is here and all the universe is playing a part.  Yes, the alien agenda is part of this war. The dark forces are searching for ways to capture the soul, so it stays in the lower realms. It can only be captured through freewill. It is your choice as to which realm you choose to keep the soul. The key to reaching the higher levels lies within the release of the rules that have been placed into your beliefs. The light has walked your planet in many forms to provide the map.

Your beliefs must be open and willing to reach within for the world that holds your answers. The soul knows your truth and the map is seen for those who seek. No one can do this for you. As your fears surface for cleansing, you see much darkness that surrounds you as you try to crawl through these fears that are suffocating the soul. The higher realms can be identified through the one that came to show all mercy for the much-needed knowledge of how this evolution occurs. You have been closed off from this knowledge as those who seek control prevent your evolution through fear.

You are held in a space that is stagnate and we pour the higher energies in for those who seek. We are the sounds, the sights, the feelings and the thoughts. We are now just outside of your understanding; like a knowing that someone is coming around the corner as you hear the footsteps, yet they are just outside of your view.

The love in the light energies are your protection through the Holy Spirit that comes from your creator. Reach just above the belief you hold and open to the knowing inside of you. The alien agenda is real and the map for understanding lies within the love. Beware of the illusions that the dark forces place upon your world. They come as those in the light and form into the sights and wonders that appear full of love. The only way to know for certain of who they are is to ask in the name of the one who heads this war against all darkness; Jesus Christ.

The laws require that those in the darkness must identify who they are when asked in Jesus’ name. This name is your protection as the alien agenda brings the dark forces into the forms that the benevolent ones stand against. The final days are here and will bring more of those who say they come from other worlds to save you. The truth will be revealed by identifying who they are through the Creator of All that came into human form preparing for this time. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Our Time-Line Prepares for the Manifestation of the Dark Entities in People, Places & Things

As we struggle with the new-found knowledge that there are other realms surrounding us, this awareness brings many sights and wonders. Discernment is needed as we go through this process. The only way to know if the experiences you are having with the unseen world are for your betterment is to stay connected to your higher power and to stay in touch with how the body feels as you go through each experience. When you are in the middle of a very emotional situation, for example, pay attention to your stomach area. If you feel like your stomach is doing flip-flops, take a moment to pause and go within so your higher power can guide your thoughts.

As our time-line moves into a separation physically, all love and fear will manifest into our view. This separation will even begin to be seen in the colors of the wind. Nothing will be placed into your eyesight by coincident. Your darkest fears will manifest in those you love the most and, in every experience you have, until you work through those fears. For those who deny this process, they may even begin to experience physical illness as a result.
As the separation becomes more defined, we will begin to see our fears in the shadows as well as in the physical appearances of others. Those who have reflected such beauty will begin to form into the shapes of their true intensions. The darkest forms will begin to emerge, and discernment will be necessary in such experiences. You may find yourself speaking with someone that you consider a long-time friend and as you look into their eyes, they may gradually begin to change into a dark form. Their eyes may begin to look sunken and their faces may begin to change into a shape that will cause you fear. This time has been spoken of since our beginning and these sights and wonders are NOW. To understand and prepare for this manifestation of the spirits in physical form is necessary.

Many will not acknowledge that they are seeing dark entities in others or in places and things. After all, we have been trained in this world from an early age to not believe in anything that cannot be proven. How do we explain experiences that are just feelings? How do we articulate that someone we love switches forms before our very eyes? How do we explain the shadows we see and feel around us that no one else experiences?  As our time-line speeds up and other dimensions bulge into ours, we need to prepare and understand this intrusion.

A leader is defined as someone who leads or commands a group, organization or country. Leaders are trusted to protect for the betterment of All. Just a we have leaders that guide the masses, so does the Creator of All. There are leaders assigned in the heavenly realms that hold specific roles to ensure the Universal Laws are being upheld.

There are those who oversee the planets, the stars, space and time. There are leaders who ensure the making of each day we experience during our time on Mother Earth. There are leaders who command the sun and the moon, the rain and the snow, the earthquakes and the hurricanes. All work together in perfect order to make up ultimately what we call our lives. There is even an overseer of those who live in the darkness to ensure the fear remains in those who live in this darkness.

As Mother Earth goes through the cleansing process, all the leaders are coming together to assist except the leader over the darkness. There is a war to keep those who live in the dark afraid, so they do not learn about the love that lives in the light. This is a prophetic time-line as each human plays a part. The souls are being activated in this war. We are congregating into our groups as we awaken to our individual missions under the orders of the leaders we follow.

As we prepare for the harvest, this silent war rages on. Those who are in the darkness and follow their leader try to keep us asleep and in fear for control. You are gradually holding a knowing with each waking day that you cannot explain as you try to complete your daily tasks. You would not be reading this unless you are waking up. We are All waking up like a hungry bear as we begin to be activated to accept our missions.

As in any war, we are taking our sides until there are only two leaders to choose from; the leader of the darkness or the leader for the Creation of All. There is a chief commander assigned to help those in the darkness see the light, so they can know they have a choice. This commander is gradually being known by All. This leader is full of the power that is received directly from the Creator of All. He is called by many names. The dark forces know this leader by the name of Jesus.

This name will be the ultimate weapon when you are alone in the middle of the night and feel the shadow people, the demons or the devils crawling around as they bulge out into our realities. Even if you are not certain of this commander’s power, what do you have to lose as you fight within the fears of your thoughts?

Friday, June 29, 2018

The Surge of Awareness in the Final Days

The Creator of All is focusing upon the specific streams of consciousness that make up your current time. All is ONE and you are a part of the Whole of All. Your reality is now being provided specific sights and wonders based upon the level of consciousness that the Creator of All is bringing into Mother Earth’s current stream of awareness. You may begin to feel like you are changing the channel inside the stomach. When you receive a surge of this awareness, it will pull you above what you are currently experiencing.

You may see and feel people, places and things from a heighten sense of knowing. The colors may become vibrate with a glow that was not there prior to this surge of awareness. A knowing may become evident as you begin to feel more excitement and less fear with each passing day. You may begin to feel like you are being watched and may hold a feeling that there is a world above you that is looking down on you. This awareness will result in a feeling of looking down on your own reality as you begin to watch yourself completing everyday tasks. As you connect to a greater consciousness, you will feel almost suffocated inside the two levels of awareness that you begin to consciously experience.

The final days are upon us as we pull ourselves out of the third dimension and rise above the limited views we have lived within for so long. We are in the twilight and see the awareness rising within the making of each moment. As we get glimpses of this new awareness and think we understand, the knowledge becomes overwhelming as we fall back into the sleep, realizing we know very little about this process. As our Creator brings the knowledge through these surges of awareness, we begin to look towards this gift with open arms as we hold on to shades of fear with questions of what will we become as all the veils lift?

The fear will continue to pull us down into the darkness as the surges of awareness bring forth a longing of this knowledge to finally know the truth of who we really are. More questions than answers will bring us to the crossroads in the twilight as we hold the flashlights that shine into this journey of the unknown.

What are we fighting against? What do we need to protect ourselves from? Do we need protection in the dead of the night against an unseen world that may hold these demons and devils that have been written about and studied since our beginnings? Do we need a savior that will fight our battles for us? Can we be our own saviors if we so believe?

With each surge of awareness that brings us more knowledge, we ask more questions in comparison to the answers we may be receiving. The final days bring us mixed emotions as we hold our beliefs high for the protection we seek in attempts to find peace. What do we have without these beliefs? As the surges continue to pour into this planet and the knowledge mixes in with these beliefs, it is our responsibility to cipher through these sources to identify those that are in disguise that want to lead us into the snake pits of destruction.

In the final days we are finding that we are going full circle as we only have history to understand what brings us to these days. The revelation is here, right inside our beliefs. The surges of awareness bring us back to our beginning with the knowledge that we are made in the image of our Creator to reach into the darkness to further creation. As we investigate the darkness in search of ourselves, we will discover that this is where creation lies.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

A Form of Cleansing; The Shadow People, Devils, Demons, Ghosts & the Dead

The different forms that surround you are created through a combination of several components that mix to bring forth what you experience at any given time. The mixture you currently hold places you in a frequency level that results in the current senses you are consciously aware of.

All experience the same event differently based upon what level they are vibrating. Fear and love play vital roles in the outcomes of the experiences you encounter. As Mother Earth mixes all inside for cleansing, creation is being seen in forms like never before. Each level of the dimensions holds a specific frequency of knowledge and all within that specific frequency blends to make the forms within that specific structure.

You can view this like a soup with all the ingredients together creating the taste of hot and spicy or sweet and salty. Even the pot plays a part in the making of the soup to ensure that everything is mixing properly. Everything will settle as the soup boils and all ingredients play a part in determining if the soup is pleasing to the taste-buds.

As we mix within Mother Earth, we will find that on some days we intertwine with the darkness and some days we blend within the light. Each energy source will go through us and some may stay inside of us. We will find that even the wind knows how to consciously make itself known to us at just the right time as we stir inside the pot called Mother Earth.

We may become surprised to find that when we are feeling our worst, we seem to find all around us forms into the darkest of shapes. Even the beauty from a sunrise or sunset takes on a dark form on the days we feel fearful of issues we may be faced with in our lives. We may see shadows that seem to emerge within the corners of our eyesight or we may even see, feel, smell or hear sources that no one else can. The specific mixture we makeup is only for our individual experiences.

You can view this as being on the spoon as the Creator of All takes a sip of the soup for a taste of this creation called your life. The spoonful that makes up your life can create a whole new mixture if the Creator wants or you can be poured back into the entire soup to help with the taste for All.

If you hold a fearful mixture and are blending in the soup of life, fearful ingredients will be attracted to you like a magnet. Mother Earth is cooking all together to cleanse the darkness inside and these sources will have to come to the surface, so they can be removed. Some may be hidden around and inside of you and they must be recognized so they can be removed.

More people are seeing ghosts, demons, devils, shadow people and the dead as a result. All the darkness must be brought to the surface, so Mother Earth can separate them for the cleansing as we all prepare for the harvest. Those who are being frightened by these entities are being forced to investigate their fears for this cleansing.

It will be difficult to understand that this is a process you have agreed to experience for your spiritual growth. Even when faced with the darkest of sources, this can be a sign of how strong you are and that you are so worthy that the darkest of sources have been sent for your cleansing. When seeing dark entities, these can be opportunities to face the darkest of your fears. You are then ready to evolve spiritually if you so choose.

This is a time for cleansing and all the darkness must be recognized. If not acknowledged, the shadows will become darker, the sounds will become deafening and the fear will overpower those that refuse to look at their selves. The fight for the life-force is battled in the thoughts and feelings and until these fears are faced, they will manifest into this world for all to share.
All are blending together in this soup and Mother Earth is the pot that is shaking it all up so nothing can hide. All secrets are being heard and seen. All darkness is bubbling to the surface so those who have not faced this darkness can make their choices and will be given the discernment if seeking. This knowledge is spreading rapidly as the harvest is approaching. All faiths will be evaluated as everyone forms into their groups.

As everyone moves into their position, this silent war continues. Each human plays a part and as more speak out about what they are experiencing, more will be revealed. All will see these sights and wonders before the separation. It is necessary in the final days as these experiences will show the truth of who we really are inside. The cleansing prepares us for the harvest. The darkness is necessary, so we will seek for the light. How can we know the beauty of the light without experiencing the darkness of the night?