Wednesday, August 31, 2016


The vengeance of love will be watching through the principles as they see your virtues and know what morals you hold. As you gain knowledge that this unseen world exists, you can never go back to the way you were before this knowledge. It will be in your essence that you will then have to consciously decide if you choose to take this responsibility or will let it pass you by as you sit in the darkness with these thoughts that now have turned into knowledge. The awakening is occurring and the choices will be many. This stage of development will bring you to a crossroad within your mind. Do you go forth with information of a new world that has been talked about all through history and give your interpretation of what it means to you or do you turn it into insanity as you spiral down into the darkness of your mind?
You chose this time period to shine what energy you hold to further creation. It is the natural order of creation to have destruction always on the outer edges. Just as the universe expands into the darkness, so do you.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Spirit

The spirit is awakened into this time period and your body is the vessel for the battle of all history on your planet. As you become aware of this knowledge you will begin to see the outer edges of others that will project from another dimension. Some of you call this glow auras. Those who see the colors around others have begun to awaken. For those who do not believe in such abilities, the day will come when you will have to acknowledge this process to move forward for you spiritual growth and ultimately your well-being while in this body.  Just as you learned that your earth is not flat, you will learn that you are a spiritual being having a human experience.
As the awareness grows some of you will see the dead yet they will be alive and well. Others will hear the dead in their thoughts and they will feel their presence. Some will smell the spirit or taste the spirit while others will not experience any such occurrences. Some of you already experience these events. Knowing that the veil is being lifted will seem as though it is the end of time as this event has been documented throughout history.
As you learn the spirit combines with your flame of life or what some of you call the soul, you will have choices. Do you allow them into the experience or do you sit alone with the feeling of loss forever more? The goal is to create and bring forth the new world with the spirit. There will come a day when there will be total awareness that the spirit walks among you. This will be the beginning of the end of the old world and the end of the old thoughts occur in this stage of development. All will understand the difference and will choose their groups forever more. For those who choose to be alone, you still will choose and you will lack the knowledge necessary for this period’s transition into the new world. The battle begins in your thoughts.
To focus on the day will help keep you centered on what your current tasks are as you become aware that the spirit world is merging into this dimension. You are only aware of what memories you hold in combination with who you are today. Some of you may question why you should even bother with such thoughts. This information is to prepare you as all will become aware of a world that is slowly seeping into your thoughts. As more of you suffer with your thoughts this information will be your saving grace as you seek for peace within yourself.
Only those seeking for this knowledge will understand the magnitude of what this means to your world. This knowledge will become the saving grace the Source of All Creation will bestow upon you. The more responsible you will become to others as the knowledge of this unseen world seeps into your thoughts. You will then be required to blow the trumpet for others to hear. You will need to remind yourself during this stage of development that you are given this information to share with others.
The energy that will flow through you that some of you call grace has rules and the knowledge will only be given to those that share it with others. You will feel as though you are being tested during this stage of development and thoughts will come that will require action on your behalf. This stage is important as you learn how to take your intentions, which are your morals of what is right or wrong, out into action. If you do not have good intensions, your actions will go into confusion and the experience will end up as such.
As your awareness grows, you will begin to understand that just as you have power over your own personal space, so do the Principles. Their power is greater than yours and as they watch your virtues at work, they will know if your words are honest as they know your true intentions and what your view of what is right or wrong is at any given time. The Principles will always ensure that the laws of the universe are carried out and if your energy holds more morally wrong thoughts, your virtues will become confused. As your life force or what some of you call the soul tries to connect to the spirit for more nourishment, the spirit will then be unbalanced in the confusion that will come from your morally corrupted thoughts. Everything will be in disarray as a result and traumatic events will occur as the Principles attempt to correct your morals that started the turmoil to begin with.

Thoughts for 8-29-16 & 8-30-16