Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Wonderland

If there is another world inside your head what does that mean to you?  For many of you it will not even enter your thoughts as you are not ready to understand it.  It is a process that starts when something brings it to your attention.  It will come like a soft rain or it can come like a bolt of lightning.  It stirs you up inside and makes you see your world differently.  All the things you use to do fade away.  You are now like the fish that jumps in and out of the water.

With each time you look inside to see what your thoughts are really doing, you see the sun come in with a bright ray of sunshine.  When this happens, you begin to want something more in your life.  Then as you seek, the day becomes an adventure like a Wonderland in your mind.  The world becomes alive for you as you go about your day.  The mysteries pile high in your head as you try to understand how the view of your world changes right before your eyes.

The gift of knowledge comes to you right inside your mind.  It tells you why you have to accept right where you stand. You have to grab onto the air and you cannot find it any other way.  You breathe it in and see the sky change right in front of your face.  The mysteries pile high each time you call things “coincidences” as the feeling makes you want to burst inside.  With each time you get this feeling, it goes straight to your heart.  The stillness all around you will tell you that you have reached a new awareness as you look inside. 

The heart will take this feeling straight to the blood.  The breath than becomes the spirit that surrounds you with love.  Each time you breathe into your lungs, you see a little more of a world inside your head.  It brings you a feeling of wonderment where the Wonderland lies.  You have the choice to fear this feeling as it flows into your thoughts.  You can take this feeling and let it heal you inside. 

Many do not seek this world as they go about their day. Those who know it is there and hide it from view, will one day find that they have to make a choice.  Do you surrender to a world that is only in your mind?  Do you search for understanding of how it can work in your life?  The only requirement is taking the moment and listening to a world inside that is a Wonderland full of magic. It will make the flowers change colors right before your eyes.  The once gloomy sky will turn into the beauty of the storms within your mind.

The Wonderland appears as you feel the love inside.  How can this feeling change your thoughts into a Wonderland right before your eyes?  It starts when you are full of desperation and when you are on your knees.  It may take some of you many conversations with yourself as you seek.  Then you will feel a warmth inside as you breathe.  As the air around you changes and the view before you glows, the Wonderland appears to say, “Hello”. 

The day you find this world inside, you will know that you are not alone.  You will find the presence of pure love and all the things you use to be are gone in the blink of an eye.  The magic occurs within the mind and changes what you see.  The view of the Wonderland comes to you through this world that is full of love.  You have to believe that you are not alone right inside your thoughts. 

You will go back to the times in your life that make you remember when you first had a choice. The ones that make you question what got you to this place?  The ones you could not decide because you didn’t have the knowledge at the time.  The ones that still make you cry.  Then as you search to find yourself, the love will shine the truth.  You will realize that you are right where you stand because of who you were.

As the past blends into the air, the love will shine within each breath that you take.  It will bring the Wonderland of the past that now speaks into your ear.  As the air of love surrounds your thoughts, you see how you would never have found this world any other way.  All the things you use to be then fade away.

The moment brings you the light of love that shines the light of truth. These two principles come to you to clean the path for the Wonderland right inside your head.  The love will come like a hurricane and you will be the tree.  You will stand strong and see the love inside.  The truth of who you are then glows for all to see. It is up to you to show it as you hear it inside, this voice that speaks to you as you breathe in the air. It will be when you are on your knees. 

The magnitude of this world will overwhelm you at first. Then you will see your purpose inside that will show you who you are.  In this Wonderland on your knees, you realize that you are in love with a world that is all your own.  This is a world that will heal you inside and take all the pain away.  It will bring the thoughts of love in many ways.

First the hope will call to you when you are on your knees.  Then the faith will bring the truth of who you are today.  As these principles come to you, the mixture will bring you love.  The courage then will seep inside as you stand upon your feet.  The Wonderland will then become a playground in your mind as you go about your way. 

Do you play with the thoughts of love and stand your ground?  Do you take the honesty and cut through the air with your words?  Do you take the hope and faith and shield yourself with the love?  The courage will bring you choices as you go about your day.  These principles will become the Wonderland right inside your thoughts.  As you seek for the courage inside when you get up off your knees, you will look to the voice that started it all and listen to what it tells you to do.  Then is when you will realize the humility keeps you strong.

The knowledge that you have a purpose mixes in the Wonderland right inside your thoughts.  As you listen to the voice it will become a song right inside the bird that sings and echoes in the trees. With these principles that enter your thoughts the Wonderland will mix into the air.  You will then accept the moment and all that brought you here.  The Wonderland has arrived for you right inside your head.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Author Biography for book



Lisa Hynes has been counseling people through traumatic events as a medical social worker for 20 years.  That experience, along with her battles through addiction, cancer, divorce, single parenting and other of life’s challenges led her on a journey which resulted in the spiritual awakening described in this book. 


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sadness Upside Down

There is a place inside our head that many do not understand.  It brings you thoughts and feelings that creates your day.  Times will seem so happy as you go about your way then one word from some else will make you want to scream.  How does this joy turn to pain in the blink of an eye?  How do you take you self to another time? Memories seep inside and the day turns to sadness. How does a thought become a feeling that turns you upside down?  One moment you are happy then words will come to you without a touch that brings a different thought.  This is the day you begin the battle right inside your head.

When you wake up to the knowledge that you have some control, you will take some time to think about the thought that comes to you.  When the sadness of your past seeps into your thoughts, it can be seen as pain for who you are not.  You can turn the pain into a thought that brings you opportunities to continue with a happy day. 

Take the thought of sadness and see it upside down.  It will show you how to find the strength inside your head.  You will see your thoughts grow into all that you have done.  All the things that brought you to the day.  How can you create the joy inside without the knowledge of what it is not?  How do you know the difference of what the thoughts are to you?  As you look behind the thoughts right inside your head, you will see a world that lead you to the day.  As you blend it with the thoughts that you hold today, the love will take all the pain and heal it in your mind. 

Take the moment in your thoughts to turn the sadness upside down.  It will heal the pain inside and you will find a world that brings you love inside.  The pain of yesterday will then turn into love for all the things you were that brought you to the day. You must first take the sadness and turn it upside down.  Do you chose to sit in thoughts of misery? Do you reach for sadness and turn it around?  Do you look at past mistakes and keep the pain of what you did?  Do you prevent an opportunity to turn it into love?  Take the thought of sadness and turn it upside down.  Bring the thoughts inside your head out into words.  Even on the days that you feel the sadness in your heart, you will find the words will ring the truth of who you are.  The words will then become the sound of change.

The time will come when you will find the words that lie behind the truth will shine out into your world.  The light will bring a feeling that glows within your eyes.  Each time you speak the words that sadness will bring, a day will come when all your fears will see the light of truth.  The sadness will then turn to love right within the words.  The day will then become a time when sadness turns to joy.  Take the opportunity to see the love inside.  It will take the storms in your mind and bring you the sunshine.  The day will come when you will find a gift that comes.  It will be all wrapped up when you turn the sadness upside down.

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Scale of Life

You create the moment by bringing your thoughts and feelings out into words.  The words will ring into your world and change the air.  The air will carry what you say and touch another’s ear.  The air will hold the feelings and thoughts inside the words.  If the words are mixed with hate the air will be strong.  The ear it touches will hear the anger in the words.

If you mix the air with love it will turn into a word that others will take as their own and spread across the land.  A time has come when everyone must listen to their words.  A day is coming where the words will bring you to a decision.

Do you create a world of love or a world of anger?  Whichever world you create the two must separate. The love cannot live with anger and all they mix into.  The angels’ inspirations will tell you what to do. 

The choice you hold is in a world that you cannot explain.  It is there in your head as you try to hide it.  The words may appear full of love until the thought is found.  That will be the day that this unseen world will shine.  The balance of the truth will shine on the scale of life. 

The time will come when it will shine in the form of justice.  All will see the truth inside as you start to glow.  You will shine a light so bright that others cannot hide.  Their words will then have to mix with the thought of love.  This mixture will blend into the world and change the air.  It will then touch the ear for others to hear. The scale of life will balance all and the time is near. 

Creation will be at work behind the scenes.  Then the day will come when the sun will shine upon your face. You will know it’s from a world that you cannot see.  The angels will inspire you to speak the words of truth.  The air will hold the scale up high as they balance your life. There will come a day when love will be only on one scale.  That will be the day you find the justice in your head. 

As the masses notice this the world will begin to shine.  All will separate into groups for the love that can be found.  Then the day will come when all will see the angels shine.  You will create a new world right inside your mind.  You can carry thoughts that come from which ever source you choose.  The scale of life will balance them for you.

Do you take the fear inside and leave it at the door?  Do you hear a voice inside that makes you feel the pain?  The scale of life will take these thoughts and you will want to scream.  How do you balance in your mind to bring you only love? The voice is strong and pulls inside to place it on a scale. Will you crawl onto the scale of love or will it be fear?

There will come a day when the two together touch you heart.  You will want to burst inside as you make a choice.  One will start to weigh so much that justice will appear.  It gives you love through words of truth that pulls the fear inside.  As the two go back and forth on the scale of life, there will come a time when love will only stand strong.  It will take the words into the air. You will create a whole new world right inside your mind. 

All will one day see this scale that starts within their thoughts. All will see the scale that shines across the land.  It already shows inside the masses that pretend it does not exists. It shows up in the children and in our government.  A time will come when justice will shine across the land.  All know it is near.  No one wants to face the truth but the pain will get so great.  The view is shown to everyone, the imbalance on the scale of life. 

A time will come when everyone will have to a stand up.  Do you dare to help the homeless man find his way?  Do you take the time to see the beauty in his eyes?  Do you see the spirit of the love that calls out your name?  Do you take the scale of life and find the love?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Light of Hate

The fallen angels are nearby trying to shine some light.  They pretend that they are what life is all about.  They try to show you thoughts that you think are full of love, then the light will shine on them and you will see the façade.  The love will really be hate and full of destruction.  How do you know when love is really full of hate? How do you see behind the words that are full of lies?  It will be in the eyes that shine as the words are spoken. You will see a sparkle in the eyes that say the words.  The light of love will shine a light that will bring a feeling of the truth.  The light of hate will make you question the words that are said to you. 

The time will come when the fallen angels will be seen.  It will start inside your thoughts that shine the light of love.  There is another light inside that brings a different thought.  The light of hate will bring you fear that you cannot explain. The hate may shine in others that really seem to care, the hate may come inside of you full of fear.

Then the day will come inside when you will know the truth, the hate inside will turn to sadness for all you use to think.  Then you will see that what you thought was love is really the façade of hate.  Hate will no longer be a feeling that you will want to hold.  The day you realize that the fallen angels have your thoughts, you will then be aware of a different world. The people that you once thought were full of love, now shine the light of hate.  As you see the love and hate that will then sit side by side, the love will take the hate inside and turn it upside down.  The fallen angels will then be seen for all the hate they are. Then you will take the hate inside and turn it into love. 

Those who appear as though they love will then shine the light of hate.  The love has taken their façade and shined the light of truth. You will then begin to see who they really are to you.  Their words will then become the sound that will help you understand the difference between the two.  Their eyes will shine their true intent when they speak to you.  You will find your love inside will force them to decide. Do they shine back to you with love or with the light of hate? 

As the two stand together there will come a time when the hate will have to stand up against the love.  Hate will have to make a choice.  Does it hide deep inside or does it turn to love?  Those who decide to keep the hate will have to separate from the love that shines so bright for all to see.  The light of hate will one day shine so everyone can see.  The fallen angels come to you in the façade of love. 

The day you understand the difference between the love and the hate, you will chose which you want to hold within your heart.  The hate will turn into a feeling that will manifest inside.  It will then show up as a sickness in your life.  The hate will then cause you physical pain.  The fallen angels will take your hate and slowly watch you fade. Your sickness will then be a form of hate that turned inside.  It will then take the pain and bring you more right before your eyes.  Do you want to take the hate and turn it into love?  Do you want to let it turn into a sickness that makes you want to fade away?  Do you even realize that it has turned to pain?  Does your head begin to hurt because of all the hate?

As you battle thoughts inside and try to decide, the love will take the hate you hold and make you want to cry.  How do you take the hate inside that now has made you sick and turn it into a love that will heal your pain?  Each time you hear a thought inside that fills you full of hate, remind yourself that the fallen angels whisper in your ear.  They are trying to make you think they are full of love.  They want to take all your thoughts and turn them into hate.  The light of love will shine inside with your true intent.  The love you hold will make the fallen angels go away.  Then your thoughts that shine on hate will turn into love.