Friday, January 31, 2014

The Pieces

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

There will come a day when all the chaos around you will turn into the messages as you seek the answers within your mind.  The knowledge will come as you look for the voice that speaks to you through the world around you so you can hear the answers within your thoughts. The pieces of your mind that seem scattered in the chaos will be the pieces that will become the beauty on your path to Something Greater.  You will pick up emotion after emotion for clarity along your way. With each piece that fits together, you will find each piece was needed to make the path to Greatness.  You will find a piece of anger that lies in the shadows of your path was there to pounce on your fears like the lion that pounces upon its prey. You will find the piece of sadness in the corner of your heart was there to shine the light for change like the lighting just before the thunder. You will find the anguish just below your knees was there to help you find Something Greater like the rays of sunlight that finds the withered flower in the darkness.  You will find the piece of desperation in the window just between your thoughts and emotions like the rays of light that shines between the clouds. All the pieces will one day make the whole to Something Greater.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Butterfly Named Believe

There once was a butterfly who lived in a cocoon called Believe.  It lived in the shadows of the sun.  It watched a bird through this cocoon that came every morning to get the worms in the dirt.  As the butterfly grew, the cocoon became smaller and smaller.  One day the bird noticed that a cocoon was there in the shadows and it flew around it in wonder.  The butterfly tried to say hello but it was too bound in it's home.  Each day the bird looked at the cocoon in wonder, the butterfly tried to say hello.  One day the butterfly got up the strength to move in the cocoon and it opened for all to see.  The bird was watching and became afraid.  As the butterfly struggled to say hello to the bird, the bird flew away in fear.  The butterfly was stuck in the cocoon and could not break free to find the bird.  Days went by with the butterfly trying desperately to get out of the cocoon. The day came when the bird became so curious that it went up to the cocoon and tried to really look at what it was.  The colors that reflected in the afternoon light from the butterfly’s wings were like nothing the bird had ever seen before  The butterfly had enough room to move in the cocoon that was now broken for all to see.  The butterfly yelled out to the bird for help.  As the bird got closer, not only did it see the colors of the butterfly, it saw the eyes that shined with hope that was filled with despair. The closer the bird got to the cocoon, the more beauty the bird saw.  As the bird listened, it could hear the butterfly ask for help.  Still full of fear, the bird’s curiosity got the better of him.  He had to know what this sound was that came from such a sight.  As he looked in wonderment, the butterfly became strong enough to break free from the cocoon and flew around the bird shouting out with joy.  The bird stood back in awe as the wings from the butterfly reflected in the sunlight.  As the bird became more mesmerized by the beauty of the butterfly, it forget why it was afraid to start out with.  As the butterfly looked into the bird’s eyes and saw the look of wonderment, it flew over to the bird and said, “I yelled for you through the corners of my cocoon for such a long time for help.  Your fear of me kept me hidden for so long.  With each time you came to me and became more curious, my need to be seen became stronger.  The first day you looked at me, I shouted out with joy to say hello.  With each time you came to me, my need to be seen made a hole in my cocoon.  The day you looked through the hole and saw me, my joy became so great that I was able to break free from my home that held me so tight for so long.  Now you can see the colors of my wings and hear the joy in my words.  Now you can see that I was not  to be feared at all.  Now we can become friends and fly together so I can show you what I know and you can show me what you know about the land around us”.  As the bird listened to the words that the butterfly spoke while flying around in the sunlight, the bird could not believe that something so hidden could be something so beautiful.  The bird called to the butterfly, “What is your name?”.  The butterfly stopped flying around and stood next to the bird that was now perched in the tree and said, “Believe”.

A Piece From: The Revelation

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

There once was a feeling that turned into a thought.  This feeling was full of love and the thought was full of fear.  The feeling called love came to the thought called fear and tried to surrender for the peace that is longed in such an emotion.  With each time the feeling tried to give the thought love, the thought of fear would not allow the love to shine through.  As the love and the fear tried to find a way to intertwine the two, the thought of fear burnt holes into the feeling of love as the love had to use a lot of light to shine into the darkness of fear.  The feeling of love became so wounded that the life of the love began to wither.  With nothing left but to surrender, the feeling of love let go of the thought of fear.  Standing alone, the love began to see a light that shown into the feeling that was never seen before.  This light healed the holes in the love and made it stronger than ever before.  As the love began to shine the light that was given so freely from above, the thought of fear became shadowed from so much light. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

I call to you from a place that lies within the corners of your mind.  The bird that flies overhead is for your inspirations.  The stars that shine within the night sky remind you that your fears only hold you from shining brightly to others.  The waves within the ocean that hit across the shoreline show you how far you can go within your intentions as each wave brings the strength you need to reach for more.  The flower blooms to show you what your strength can turn into.  The roar of the lion in the jungle brings the sound of My glory. The times you lie your head upon your pillow and curl up in fear are the times that I hold you in the space between your thoughts and emotions.  With each unknown fear that paralyzes you, I patiently wait for the day that I can seep into the corners of your thoughts so you can see that your fears are only the outer edges of My love.  One day I will be heard in the sound of your heartbeat and you will Believe in Something Greater.  One day the fears within your mind will turn into the anticipation of what is to come.  The majestic land of who I Am will no longer be feared and you will seek for Me through the butterfly that shows you how to burst from your cocoon.  The vibrant colors of the land will shine out to you even in the dragonfly that reflects your transformation.  You will begin to notice how you bask in My glory by the way the sun shines and the snow falls.  You will feel My strength and know you are protected in My name.  The fear will turn into the stars in the sky and with each time you reach for My light, you will shine a little brighter for others to see and hold for their own.  You will take My light and find that it becomes so bright you will want to share it with all the world.  You will be touched by My hand with the recognition of the sound within the words and you will cry out with wonder for all that you see, all that you think and all that you feel.  The world will become your kingdom on this Earth and  I will show you the new world each time you Believe in Me.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

This Book Is For You

** The information in this blog is parts of a book that the author is sharing for feedback.  No information can be copied without the author’s permission.

Only those of you who are ready to hear the words I speak will understand what this book is about.  You will be the chosen who are ready to expand your knowledge of the universe.  My story is from Something Greater’s perspective.  The calling for this book is great and I have been blessed with the understanding of what this means to us all.  I have been chosen to tell the story for the source of all creation.  Some of us call this source God, some of us call this source Lord of All Power, some of us call this source Allah, some of us call this source Jehovah, and some of us do not recognize this source at all.  Whichever path we choose to take in our journey through this life, our bodies always reach the destination we cannot avoid called death. For some of us the destination of death is the end as we believe there are no other roads thereafter.  For those of us who walk our path with the hope and the faith that there is another universe to travel into Something Greater when our bodies are finished in this world, this book is for You.