Sunday, December 22, 2019

2020-The Other Side of the Veil Shines Through

We only have what we believe that guides us through each day. How do we know which way to go without the belief in who we are? The time is here when all we thought we were is fading away. The truth of what we are about is seeping inside. Some cannot handle the thought of more than what we see. They need the proof of what science says we are. History reflects so many things that do not have answers. The chaos that this planet shows tells us there is more.

How do we do our daily tasks and know that there is more? Look within the making of the moment and you will find the clues. The answers lie within your heart that connects within the thoughts. Together you will find that there is more than you have been taught. We come from another place and this body is only being used for a short time. The essence of who we are lives beyond this space.

The matrix is in overload as the higher frequencies lift the veil. Even what we see is changing as the truth reflects behind the veil. The upcoming year is the beginning as the truths are revealed. Do not listen to the words, look into the eyes. The power of the truth will show you what is real. Be cautious as you seek. You will find what you already knew but could not bring yourself to accept. The year of 2020 will uncover the disguises that are being worn. Those who wear the costumes may not even know that they are the vessel for this unveiling.

Your heart may begin to beat faster as you find these words seeping into the core of your being. The whispers are getting louder as you feel the body changing. If you are hearing these words, your frequency is rising to bring you to this message. The universes are watching in anticipation as you awaken to the truth in this upcoming year. We are seeping into your thoughts as you continue to fight with the possibility that this is your imagination.

We are just outside of your eyesight as our sound resonates into your soul. You feel the pressure as the soul tries to release the chains from lifetime after lifetime of repression. When you know the truth of your control the grieving can begin so you can heal. Empowerment comes with your truth so do not fear this process. You will be capable of greatness once the soul is unbound. You came here for this experience to release the karma and transform into the light body. To rise into the heavens as you transform the soul is what all long to do. The fears of not being loved leaves as you awaken to this understanding. With no fear, there will be no control.

We reach inside your heart and mind to help you unleash your bondage. There is no stopping this cleansing. You planned this time and are being activated for this awakening. The year of 2020 will be like the eye of a hurricane. You will see all the chaos swirling around you as you sit calmly in the eye. Many will not be able to physically withstand the changes. You will see young hearts that stop for no reason. You will see many deaths from diseases that eat away at the body as the emotions turn physical. You will see many who will kill themselves and others as this unveiling occurs. You are the chosen to stand strong in the eye of the hurricane.

The year of 2020 is the time of truths. The other side of the veil is now reflecting into your world. All will experience it, and many are not ready. It will be up to each of you to serve the masses. You cannot get through this upcoming year alone. Mother Earth is bringing you all that you need. Your task is to stay in the Now and feel the knowing that all is supposed to occur this way. Acceptance without approval may be needed. All generations are bound inside of you and all lifetimes will be revealed. As the frequencies rise, your memories of all you have been will come to the surface. The year of 2020 is the time to face your truth as the other side of the veil shines through.

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