Sunday, October 13, 2019

Whispers from the Spirit

Once one has balanced out the feelings and thoughts when discovering another world that cannot be seen, a new understanding slowly seeps into the consciousness. The stages of enlightenment come at different times for everyone, but everyone will experience each stage. The stage when the spirit begins to whisper guidance will come. During this stage, those within it will feel an empowerment growing like the flower in the shadows of a large tree. Everything you see, say and do becomes signs to guide you through the maze you feel you are in on the path to enlightenment. You begin to feel as though you are becoming conscious on a mass level and the old fears of thinking no one wants to hear what you have to say begins to dissolve like the icicle in the morning sun. You will begin to feel the responsibilities increasing and the whispers will be heard that you are given knowledge to share. You can hear the soft voice guiding you as you become more selective with the knowledge you share. Prior to this balance within your thoughts and emotions, you would tell everyone you met about this unseen world. In this stage, you learn that the spirit brings those to you that need the information and you begin to relax somewhat.
You still struggle with the body as the soul rejects the foods you still want, and you become sick when consuming foods that you have always eaten in the past that are no longer helpful for the growth of the soul. Prior to sharing what the spirit whispers, you can now control the need to say things that you know others within your presence are not ready to hear. You can see it in their eyes. You can hear the words, “Everyone has their own journey back to the Creator of All”. You are the action and wait for every instruction from your guides of what is next. The spiritual warfare is always in the back of your thoughts as you help those who fight within their own thoughts. You see so many struggling in the stage you once experienced, and you wish you knew how to articulate why they don’t have to suffer any longer. You feel like the mother trying to protect them from something you know everyone must go through. All you can say is that it must be experienced to know the difference. How can you know the love without knowing what it is not?
The spirit whispers through people, places and things to guide you along and when difficulties come your way, you now thank your God for the opportunity to gain more knowledge so your soul can continue to grow while in human form. Acceptance without approval is a challenge, yet you remind yourself that everything in your world reflects a part within yourself that is trying to work its way to the surface. The daily routine is now viewed to make the ordinary moments extraordinary. When waking to start the day, you can now see this as a gift. Some days you long to return to the way things use to be before you knew there was another world that cannot be seen. Then the spirit whispers to look towards the colors in the sky that you have never noticed before. You are forever changed as the awakening brings you a life that you could never have known without the spirit’s guidance and whispers.
The ordinary moments now become extraordinary as you anticipate the whispers from the spirit. One day the spirit may whisper through a conversation with another who provides answers they didn’t even know you needed. Other days the spirit may whisper through a message in a song. Some days the spirit may whisper through numbers on a clock as 11:11 shows up when you question your abilities. Some days the spirit may whisper through a dog that licks you on the face when you are sad. One day the spirit may whisper in the form of a phone call from someone you were thinking about right before they called you. Each day will bring the whispers from the spirit as you seek for more to be revealed.

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